BFF Tokyo Events and Parties

BFF Tokyo will be organizing some events in Tokyo for foreigners who want to experience some Japanese culture and make some friends while having some nice drinks.

BFF Tokyo = a bit of culture and a bit of Asahi

International parties in Tokyo

Tokyo can be an isolating place for foreigners

Living in Tokyo

Therefore, BFF Tokyo wants to help foreigners and Japanese make friendships

The 2020 Ultimate Guide on How to Learn Japanese

and make MANY new friends

international parties in Tokyo 2

But you need to get some Japanese culture in you while you are here as well...

Getting Some Culture

Among the partying nights in Tokyo, you suddenly realize among your drunkenness that your initial plan was to experience some culture 2 months ago.

Getting Some Sumo

You remember that magical sport Sumo that you never tried, but always was curious to watch. Little did you know that Tokyo is the capital of sumo.

Random Natto Picture

The new super food that you have avoided during your time in Tokyo. We cannot guarantee that natto will not be present in our events in Tokyo.

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Cultural Events in Tokyo

Experience things like learning to make sushi, doing Japanese flower arrangements, and being taught how to put a kimono on by an expert. We connect Japanese artisans with foreigners who would like to experience something uniquely Japanese for a day in Tokyo.

Events in Tokyo - Making Okonomiyaki

International Party Events in Tokyo

The best way to experience Tokyo is through a good mixture of culture and drinking and make new friends. After joining some of our cultural events, come make some Japanese friends and partake in the Japanese tradition of finding some festival to use as a reason to drink.

Based on our 8 months of running the hugely successful and the fastest growing Japanese school in Tokyo called Japan Switch, we can scientifically prove drinking beer improves the Japanese skills for 85% of foreigners. Don't ask about the remaining 15%!

Tokyo Event - Community

Looking for Fun Events in Tokyo

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