Moving to Tokyo can be overwhelming at first, but once you get settled in, there are many things you can enjoy in the most populated city in the world.

Our Ultimate Guides to life in Tokyo will guide you through some of the more complicated aspects like making a credit and debit card, visa system, and the things you need to get done before you can start enjoying the city more.

Life in Tokyo

Getting Settled in Tokyo

Numerous different credit cards are layed slanted of each other. It has Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Ultimate Guide to Making a Credit and Debit Card

The ultimate guide on how to make a credit and debit card in Japan.

Visas to Japan

Ultimate Guide to Getting a Japan Visa

The ultimate guide on how to get a visa to come and stay in Japan.

Thriving in Tokyo

Now that you have settled in. Now is your time to thrive in Tokyo.

Japanese-National-Holidays-2020-New-year fireworks

Ultimate Guide to Japanese National Holidays 2020

Here is our ultimate guide on Japanese National Holidays in 2020

Japanese and European women who are friends exploring Tokyo

Ultimate Guide to Making Japanese Friends

Here is our ultimate guide on How to Make Japanese Friends as a foreigner.

Music Festivals

Ultimate Guide to Fun Events in Tokyo

Here is our ultimate guide on the many exciting events in Tokyo.

Japan Switch Logo

Learn Japanese in Tokyo

Affordable speaking based Japanese lessons in Tokyo for English speakers.

In addition to providing awesome articles on life in Tokyo, we also offer very affordable morning Japanese lessons in Tokyo.

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