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BFF Tokyo along with its sister site Japan Switch are proud to present the Japanese with Friends Podcast in conjunction with Risu Press!  

Podcast about life in Japan

Find out more about life in Japan?

Do you know anyone who has passed N1? Is it possible to escape the teaching trap? Would you like to triple your learning speed for Japanese? Well you have come to the right place! Listen to our experts share their experience and tips on various topics about Japan.

Meet our hosts

Tyson Batino

Tyson Batino

Tyson is currently the co-founder and director of Japan Switch and popular One Coin English that has over 7000 students. In addition to creating a whole new market in the English language industry in Japan, he co-founded the media site BFF Tokyo as a hobby, which provides free in-depth guides on visas, jobs, learning Japanese, and anything related to thriving in Japan. He has lived in Japan for over 15 years and achieved JLPT N1 in 3.5 years. For more information, read his bio here

Colten Japan switch podcast host

Colten Nahrebeski

Colten is the owner of Risu Press. He is a Canadian marketer, who lived in Tokyo for over 6 years. Colten achieve JLPT N2 and worked in various industries in Japan. His background in learning Japanese was fundamental to his career progression, and he now runs Risu Press as a platform with a mission to connect foreigners with the opportunities and information they need to live their best life in Japan. His best-selling product, the JLPT Kanji Poster Set has been sold worldwide since 2014 and is on the walls of thousands of Japanese learners.


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podcast how to pass jlpt

Passing the JLPT!

Tyson Batino, the founder of Japan Switch, dives into the tips and tricks to nail the JLPT N1 on the first try! 

Love your job in Japan!

Cindy Bissig from Obsessed With Japan talks tech and self employment in Japan + what it takes to own a niche as a foreigner working in Tokyo.

Podcast Learning Japanese
finding work in japan listen to podcast

Careers in Japan

Anthony Griffin an expert in communications and owner of Saga Consulting, shares his tips for networking and escaping the teaching trap.

Making Japanese friends and community

Jessica Brown who runs Nihongo Connection, gives her expert advice on the best ways to learn Japanese as a complete beginner. 

Podcast Japanese with friends
Podcast marriage in Japan

Marriage in Japan

Coming soon!

About the Podcast

Risu Press and Japan Switch have collaborated with one goal in mind. How can we help people find their dream job in Japan, what tips can we share for passing the JLPT, and how can our experience and experts help you live your best life here!

Podcast Japanese with friends

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