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Raves in Tokyo:
Japan's Underground

By Adrianadayl Pourraid O. | June 17th, 2024 

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    Don’t know where to find raves in Tokyo? Finding raves in Tokyo can seem like an impossible task, especially as a newcomer.  The lack of information might make you worry about raves not being a thing in Japan or them being only accessible to Japanese people. Fret not, we assure you that there are tons of options and raves to choose from in Tokyo.

    The lack of information can definitely be unmotivating and confusing, so in order to guide in the right direction we have included a list of DJs that are worth checking out in Tokyo, a guide on venues depending on what you are looking for, and valuable insider tips which will help you navigate Tokyo's raves. You can also find important details such as prices, location, music played and the crowd. You have everything you need to know about raves in Tokyo right here.

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    Raves in Tokyo

    You might be wondering: why is it so hard to find raves in tokyo? The answer is pretty straightforward, the  rave scene in Tokyo is relatively new and still developing. That makes it a lot harder to find information as the scene isn’t as popular or mainstream yet. Furthermore, raves in Tokyo are organized by DJs or promoters, who are oftentimes in their 20s, meaning that the information is mainly accessible in social media and in Japanese. Don’t be discouraged though, there are many ways to access this information and a lot of different kinds of venues, depending on what you are looking for.

    There are some venues that are very well known in Tokyo for their raves and parties. These venues have been around for some years and usually invite big international artists, such as Peggy Gou and Bonobo. That being said, there are also some venues which are well known with locals but not as known by tourists. Finally, there are underground raves which are a lot harder to find or hear about. These raves in Tokyo usually require you to know the right people and the right tools.

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    Pro tip: Some of the more popular raves appear in Resident Advisor (a tool that all ravers know about) but a lot of the underground ones do not. 

    Tokyo’s Hidden Talent: 7 DJs to Check out

    Despite the rave scene in Tokyo being a young one, there is a lot of talent in the city. Tokyo is a melting pot and as a consequence there are unique meshes of music that you cannot find elsewhere; DJs playing only on vinyl, DJs developing the scene of industrial techno and making their own labels. Furthermore, since the borders reopened, there are now foreign artists coming to Tokyo and collaborating with the local scene which helps to further promote raves in Tokyo. If you are curious about some of the popular or upcoming DJs in Tokyo we have compiled a list of our best recommendations.


    Born in Korea, EVE is one of the best and upcoming DJs in Tokyo. She is the owner of VIXLATIXN, a hard techno label that often hosts events. She also owns TRAPEZE, which are rave events that showcase national and international talent. EVE is also an international talent, playing in Europe, Asia and Australia, so if you enjoy hard-techno we definitely recommend going to one of her events or parties. 

    Recommended track
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eve_violet/   


    Jun Inagawa is more commonly known for his incredible illustrations and has garnered international recognition due to his unique style. However, his illustrations are not the only thing he excels at. Jun Inagawa is also an excellent DJ and is well known in the Tokyo rave scene. The parties he organizes are known as Mad Magic Orchestra and their lineup is filled with amazing local talent. Their parties are one of a kind but rare to come across, so if you have the chance make sure you go. 

    Recommended track:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/____1.048596/ 


    Born in Japan, Nasthug is an established DJ in Tokyo. Having played in Boiler Room Tokyo in 2023, she is a well known and respected DJ in the Tokyo scene. She plays a unique mix of hip-hop, afrobeat, dancehall among other things. If you want to dance the whole night, we definitely recommend checking her out if she is playing during your stay in Tokyo. 

    Recommended track
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nasthug/

    Raves in Tokyo - DJ Booth


    You will most likely find Yamarchy in Mitsuki, as he is a resident DJ there. On some nights you will find him playing on vinyl all night long. Yamarchy plays a different mix of music but mainly centers around house music with some elements of disco and tropical sounds. If you are going to Mitsuki, make sure you choose a night where he is playing, you will not regret it!

    Recommended track:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yamarchy/?hl=en 


    Emilio is  Costa Rican hard-techno DJ , producer and event organizer based in Tokyo, Japan. He started his DJ career at the end of 2022 and his style is characterized by hard kicks and powerful basslines. In April of 2023 he founded a collective named NEBULA, a hard techno rave and hardcore event located in Tokyo. 

    Recommended track
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emilio_marin99/ 


    Sonia Lagoon is a DJ in Tokyo that was born in Barcelona. Having started her DJing career in the beginning of 2022 in Barcelona and later moving to Tokyo, she has developed her unique style. From reggaeton to deconstructed club to hardcore techno, her sets mix a variety of genres seeking freedom from the conventional boundaries. With her predominant focus on creating narrative through sound, she has played for all kinds of crowds and events, becoming part of the local Tokyo underground scene. 

    Recommended track
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sonialagoon/

    Yousuke Yukimatsu

    Born in Osaka, Yousuke is one of the OG DJs in Tokyo. Featured often in HÖR BERLIN, he has been a DJ for over a decade and now plays mainly internationally. He played in Berlin Atonal several times and has a cross-genre approach to his mixing. He does play often in Japan, so make sure you check his instagram or his Resident Advisor page before visiting. 

    Recommended track
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yousukeyukimatsu/


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    The importance of socializing at raves in Tokyo

    Finding raves in Tokyo could be a lot more different from what you are used to back home. Because the scene is so new and information is so limited, there’s a huge importance placed on socializing. When attending raves, make sure you strike up conversations with the party-goers, organizers and DJs. Networking can really help you understand the scene better and experience the underground scene in Tokyo. It can also heighten your chances of being invited to more parties. Furthermore, socializing with ravers is the best way of getting access to secret parties and knowing what spots are the best ones. Our Ultimate Guide to Making Japanese Friends can help you gain confidence.

    If you’re worried about the language barrier, rest assured. A lot of the people attending these parties are in their 20s. The younger demographic in Japan is more likely to know English compared to the older demographic. Even if they don’t know how to speak English, people will try their best to speak English or will most likely use google translate to facilitate the encounter. These situations could also be a great opportunity to practice and improve your Japanese skills. You can have a look at our Guide to Japanese Slang to level up your speaking skills.

    Tokyo at night

    Popular Venues and Raves in Tokyo

    Despite the rave scene being relatively new in Tokyo, there are very well established venues in the city which have been around for some time. These venues are known for their great lineup, international guests and great soundsystem. These clubs are oftentime very spacious, they have several dance floors and host big crowds. You should keep in mind that their popularity brings in a lot of tourists, so you might not get a full glimpse of the Tokyo rave scene. Before visiting these clubs, we recommend pregaming at the Top 16 Unique Bars in Tokyo.

    Raves in Tokyo popular with Foreigners

    If you are looking to mingle with a more foreign crowd and make acquaintances or friends with foreigners, these places are your best bet. They provide a more comfortable and familiar environment as they resemble clubs found abroad. All the following venues are well known in Tokyo by both locals and foreigners. 


    Womb is most likely one of the most popular venues with tourists. It has plenty of space, with four floors and dance floors with different moods and music. You can expect the club to get very crowded, as it is a hot spot for both locals and tourists. They also bring in a lot of international artists, so on certain nights the line up can be incredibly good. Out of all the clubs in Tokyo, Womb resembles a European club the most (especially to clubs in Berlin), however it still has a bit more of a commercial feel to it.

     Best for: foreigner friendly crowd
    Price Point: 3000-5000 yen
    Location: 150-0044 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Maruyamachō 2-16 
    Opening times: Tuesday-Saturday 11:00PM-4:30AM


    You can expect a more relaxed environment from this venue. The interior has somewhat of an industrial feel and the club has an older crowd. You can still expect to see a lot of tourists or foreigners but there are more locals in the mix. The events in Vent mainly revolve around international guests and they often have really good lineups. The club has two different floors with very different atmospheres. Be warned, there are no photos allowed.

    Best for: foreigner friendly crowd
    Price Point: 4000-8000 yen
    Location: 107-0062 Tokyo, Minato City, Minamiaoyama 3-18-19  
    Opening times: Friday & Saturday 11:00PM-5:30AM


    Circus will oftentimes have both international and national headliners. Different rave collectives choose this venue to throw their events as the venue has a great sound system and plenty of space. You can expect the entry cost to be a little bit on the pricey side but it is definitely worth it. The crowd is a mix of locals and foreigners, yet the venue is rarely as crowded as the other option on this list. 

    Best for: foreigner friendly crowd
    Price Point: 3000-6000 yen
    Location: 〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Shibuya, 3−26−16
    Opening times: Friday & Saturday 11:00PM-5:00AM

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    Enter Shibuya

    Enter has the smallest venue out of all of the previously mentioned options, so if you’re looking for a more intimate environment, this is the place for you. Their crowd is usually very young, in their early 20s. In this particular club there are a lot more locals compared to tourists or foreigners. Some nights it might get crowded but usually it isn’t as packed.  They do invite international DJs most of the time, local DJs play here. 

    Best for: foreigner friendly crowd and mingling with locals
    Price Point: 1500-3000
    Location: 〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingūmae, 6−19−17 6F
    Opening times: Monday-Saturday 10:00PM-5:00AM

    The Church

    This is not necessarily a venue that you are meant to stay all night at. An important aspect of this venue that you should take into consideration is that it is located in the middle of Shibuya. This means that there are all kinds of people walking in and out, which makes this venue a bit more commercial than the other options on this list. As implied by the name, the venue is themed to look like a church and you will mainly see local DJs playing here. 

    Best for: foreigner friendly crowd
    Price Point: 1500-3000 yen
    Location: 〒150-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Dogenzaka, 2−16−5
    Opening times: Monday-Sunday 8:00PM-5:00AM

    Spotify O-East

    Spotify-East is a very big venue that is not always open. It is event based and there are many different types of live shows happening in this venue. When big headliners come, such as Peggy Gou, it is most likely that their events will be held here. It does get very crowded as the artists performing here are famous. 

    Best for: One time events
    Price Point: 5000-9000
    Location: 150-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Dōgenzaka 2-14-8  
    Opening times: Event Based

    Rave in Tokyo - venue

    Raving like a Tokyoite

    Spots popular with locals

    If you want to find raves in Tokyo to party with the locals, these venues will have you covered. The clubs will provide you with a more authentic experience of the rave scene and the Japanese rave culture in Tokyo. Do not be fooled, these places are still pretty popular places and hence will have a pretty diverse crowd attending these parties. In these places you’ll definitely hear a mix of Japanese and English but, do not worry, a lot of the party goers will know how to speak english. If you are looking for more of a mix between locals (Japanese and foreign), these places are definitely recommended for you. 


    Mitsuki is a well known club in Tokyo that is very popular with the locals. They often host different events for different fashion brands or collectives. A lot of house music labels also throw their parties at Mitsuki, so you will always find interesting characters here. In Mitsuki, it’s always a party. They have events almost every single day, even throughout the week. With their red lighting, house music, and intimate environment, it’s almost impossible to have a bad time here. 

    Best for: Solo ravers and house music lover
    Price Point: 1000-2000
    Location: 〒150-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Dōgenzaka 1−22−12 B1
    Opening times: Monday-Saturday 10:00PM-5:00AM 

    Music Bar Lion

    If you are looking for a young crowd and an energetic atmosphere, Lion is the place to be. The venue isn’t the biggest, so make sure you are prepared to bump shoulders with your fellow ravers. There are a lot of different Japanese brands that host parties here, so it’s a hotspot for people who are into fashion and music. The venue has something going on every weekend, however they aren’t always techno or house events. Lion hosts a lot of different types of events and they play different types of music, so make sure you check the lineup before you go! 

    Best for: Young ravers
    Price Point: 1000-2000
    Location: 150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae 6-19-17
    Opening times: Monday-Sunday 9:00PM-3:00AM 

    Aoyama Tunnel

    Aoyama tunnel has a very interesting design, the walls are covered in mirrors and hanging from the ceiling there are tons of chandeliers. The club is a little hard to find as it is a speakeasy club but it is one of the must-see venues in Tokyo. You can expect to find an older crowd here. They are also well known for their afterparties as they are one of the only clubs that are open until the afternoon. They play a big variety of house and techno music, depending on the DJs. 

    Best for: Seasoned ravers
    Price Point: 1000-2000
    Location: 〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Shibuya, 4−5−9
    Opening times: Monday-Sunday 8:00PM-5:00AM 

    Raves in Tokyo - Underground

    Raves in Tokyo: Underground Events

    These are the events that are only found through DJs, through the organizers of parties or through fellow ravers. Usually, you will have to text either the DJs or the organizers to find out the secret location where the party is being held. Nothing is set in stone with these venues so you will have to do some asking around for price, starting hours, etc. This is where socializing with people comes in handy, as it helps you to unlock these types of raves.


    Traffic is more of a venue for different types of events, rather than a club that is consistently open, meaning that they do not have regular opening hours. You can expect them to host all types of parties, which are sometimes displayed on their Instagram. A lot of times though, secret  hard or industrial techno parties are hosted here. In these cases, you will not find the flier on their instagram, you’ll only be able to view the flier on the DJs’ or organizers’ instagram. 

    Best for: Underground ravers
    Price Point: 2000-3000 yen
    Location: 〒106-0031 Tokyo, Minato City, Nishiazabu 1−4−48
    Opening times: Event based 

    Roppongi Cube

    In Roppongi Cube, they have an amazing sound system, plenty of space and one-of-a-kind light shows. You can expect to see a very unique crowd in this club and the atmosphere is unmatched. One thing worth noting, however, is that it is very rare to go to a party in this venue. Roppongi Cube is one of the most low-key venues in this whole list, yet it hosts the nicest parties. Keep your eyes on potential events thrown here!

    Best for: Underground ravers
    Price Point: 2000-3000 yen
    Location: 〒106-0041 Tokyo, Minato City, Azabudai 3−4−11
    Opening times: Event based

    Disco balls in Tokyo raves

    Raves in Tokyo: Special Events

    Aside from clubs and venues, there are some very well known raves in Tokyo that happen often. These events are organized by local DJs themselves or by the records they manage. We definitely recommend checking these events out, as they all emerged from the need to develop the techno and underground scene in Tokyo. Make sure you look them up on instagram, as they will have all the pertaining information of upcoming events, their lineups and locations. 


    In July 2023, Sonia Lagoon launched her own event known as “Rabia”. Alongside the artist Lung, Rabia is currently echoing strongly with the Japanese city scene. They showcase local talent in the underground scene and they mix a variety of genres very unique to Tokyo. You can expect to hear hyperpop, neo-perreo, d&b, among many others. Rabia has also thrown a couple parties in Spain, slowly expanding its sound internationally.


    NEBULA is a collective that was founded by DJ Emilio. He defines the collective as a space where “hard techno takes center stage and time stands still amidst a symphony of chaos and harmony”. As implied by its description, NEBULA is a hard techno event featuring line-ups of local DJs.


    ENSITE is a techno collective that hosts events which are almost always thrown in Circus. They will usually collaborate with a lot of international artists and invite talented artists from Berlin. They throw really good events and are very popular among the Tokyo rave scene. 

    Final Thoughts

    Finding raves in Tokyo can seem like a daunting task. Having to find information can seem like an impossible mission since the scene is relatively new. As discussed in this article, socializing is an essential step as it will allow you to see its unique, raw and amazing underground rave culture in Tokyo. There are tons of options available, no matter what your preferences are. 

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