The Top 15 Bars in Tokyo

By Jashan Sidhu | Updated November 30, 2020

So you’ve landed yourself in the world’s largest city and need a place to enjoy some drinks, or maybe meet new people. The aim of this article is to make sure you find the best bars in Tokyo that will allow you to have a great night out, without having to skip from bar to bar trying to find a place you like. Whether you’re looking for a classy place, a cheap bar, or a casual spot, this list has got all the details you’ll need to plan a perfect night out. Do keep in mind however, that some bars still only take cash, so make sure you stack up before heading out.

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    Best Low Price Bars in Tokyo

    Trying to plan a fun night out on a budget? We’ve got the best low price bars for you! Low price doesn't mean that these bars don’t have much to offer, in fact you can have just as much, if not more, fun at these bars as classy bars. The list also includes bars in Tokyo that are popular among foreigners. So if you’re looking for affordable options take a look at the bars below. 


    Ginza 300 Bar Next

    Are you trying to find a bar with a laid-back atmosphere and a place to bring a group of friends for a wide variety of cocktails? Then try out one of the locations of the 300 Bar series. There's one located conveniently in Tokyo. Also, if you are a fan of mojitos, this is a must try bar. The bar is actually certified by the Cuban embassy in Tokyo to make mojitos in the traditional Cuban fashion. The bar has food services as well, so if you are hoping to grab a bite as you enjoy your drinks, take a look at the Cuban sandwiches or smoked duck. The menu has options for non-alcoholic options too, such as mock-tails.  

    There is a different type of system that works at this bar. There is no cover charge for sitting at the bar and the drinks are as cheap as ¥300! You simply purchase tickets at the door for ¥300 each and use those to trade in for drinks and food. If you buy 10 tickets, you get the 11th one free! How cool is that, and it’s definitely a steal! The bar is located in Tokyo, just near the Yurakucho train station. In fact, it’s just a 5 minute walk away!

    Medaka Izakaya

    Planning on throwing back as many drinks as you can for the lowest price in Tokyo? Medaka Izakaya should be on the top of your list! This little restaurant and bar is one of the most famous cheap bars in Tokyo, and is usually a place people go to get a little tipsy for cheap before heading to clubs. The bar is also popular among workers who want to wind down with their colleagues after long days at work. Do be warned though, the bar permits smoking. So if you are bothered by people smoking inside, it may be best to stay clear of this bar. However if you yourself smoke, you don’t need to wait outside to take a smoke break. 

    So exactly how cheap is this bar? Well you can get beers for as little as ¥100! In USD that's just under a dollar. There is a table charge of ¥420 however, so the deal is really worth it if you plan on having multiple beers. You should also note that on Fridays, Saturdays and national holidays, the price of beers is increased to ¥180. The bar is easily accessible from Seibu-Shinjuku station. It’s only a 4 minute walk.

    Fight Club 428

    Looking for a really unique bar experience? Fight Club 428 offers something you definitely will not find in other bars; a fighting ring! The bar is a gym as well. So if you’re looking for a gym where you can work out and then grab a drink afterwards, why not join? There are multiple different memberships you can join under, including yoga and kickboxing. The bar is not open just to members, anyone is welcome to come in for a drink and catch a live fight. You can enjoy their special “samurai shot” which is a traditional sake shot that comes in a wooden box cup as you watch a fight in the mesh ring. The bar also has a DJ that plays mostly Japanese rap, unlike most other places that play American music. So you can really get a feel of being in a fight club in Japan. 

    The gym and bar is only a 2 minute walk from the famous Shibuya crossing. You can expect to see many other popular bars and clubs in the area, you may even find yourself checking them out too. The drinks average from about ¥500 to ¥800, and there are also small snacks such as popcorn available.


    A popular bar among foreigners who enjoy watching sports matches, or just being loud and having a good time. This bar is the opposite of a chill and classy place! Tasuichi is perfect for anyone who wants to go out to a bar and spend the night laughing out loud with friends and meeting new people. The spot is commonly packed in the evenings so if you would like a table, it’s recommended you come early. The bar is also a popular pickup bar and therefore it’s alright if you plan on going alone, because you most certainly will meet people and make some new friends. 

    Other than the lively atmosphere of the bar, another reason it is such a hotspot is because of the cheap drinks. The drinks at Tasuichi are averaged at only ¥300! The bar is relatively close to Hachiko Square, so you can arrive in the area early for a nice day out before heading for some drinks. 

    Standing Barr 333

    Yup, you guessed it, this bar requires you to stand. But don’t be too discouraged by that, because you're going to be having too much fun to realize that you've been standing the whole time! Another popular pickup spot for not only Japanese folk, but also international friends. This bar has a lot to offer for a cheap bar. It has over 150 different beer, wine and cocktail options. There's also a local DJ playing here most nights, so expect to have great music to vibe to as you enjoy drinks from the extensive menu. The atmosphere of the bar is a bit more stylish than the previous four bars on the list, so expect to meet a different crowd at this bar. 

    The pricing is in the name of this bar, and so most drinks are ¥333. That’s a really great price for the ambiance and variety of drinks this bar has to offer. Like 300 Bar Next, this bar uses tickets to buy drinks as well. However, Standing Bar 333 has a minimum requirement that men buy three tickets, and women buy two, upon entering. It is sort of like the cover charge. Finding this bar isn’t too difficult as it is only a 7 minute walk from Yurakucho station.

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    Best Classy Bars in Tokyo

    If you’re looking for a nice place to take your date or invite your colleagues out, classy bars in Tokyo may be the best option. Although they can be a bit more on the expensive side, it’s all about making great memories. Your date or colleagues will surely be impressed that you know such great places for a night out in Tokyo.


    SG Club

    The top spot on this list of bars in Tokyo is reserved specially for the SG Club. It has been named the best bar in all of Japan in 2020, and No. 9 on the list of the best bars in Asia. The bar actually operates on 3 floors, the Guzzle, Sip and Savour. The first floor, Guzzle, is a space meant for casual drinking where you can stand and enjoy a cocktail. Sip is the second floor and it is designed to be a bit more sophisticated and it has a variety of creative cocktails. This floor even offers a shoe shine service! How classy! The Savour level is reserved for members of the SG Club only. 

    Like we said, this is an expensive bar and the average price of a cocktail is around ¥1250. However it is hailed for having some of the country's greatest cocktails, so the price is definitely worth it, especially if you are looking to impress someone. They even offer a whiskey that costs ¥12,914! The bar is located in Shibuya City at 1 Chome-7-8 Jinnan. It is about a 7 minute walk from the Shibuya train station. If you are planning on taking the train home, this is a great option for a bar as it is close enough so you do not need to look for a ride.


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    Ben Fiddich

    If you are a serious cocktail lover and enjoy complex drinks that are crafted to perfection, this bar may be the one for you. Hiroyasu Kayama is the famous bartender here who customers often speak about very highly and refer to as a “wizard”. The ambiance of the bar is very moody and quiet. So if you are looking for a place to spend your evening in a very relaxed space, then this bar is a great place to wind down. Examples of creative drinks include the seasonal Mori Cocktail (gin, fresh herbs, honey, and carbonated mint tea) and the Nikka Coffey Grain whiskey. 

    Ben Fiddich is also an expensive bar, but it also takes credit cards. Make sure to save up a hefty amount if you’ve got a passion for incredible cocktails. The bartender here speaks English, so if Japanese is not your first language, that is not a problem. Location wise, the bar sits in the area of Shinjuku. It is approximately a two minute walk from the Shinjuku train station.

    Bar Trench

    Got a small group of friends you'd like to take out for a suave evening, then Bar Trench is the bar for you. The head bartender and the co-owner of Bar Trench is a  Japanese-Brazillian man with a talent for mixology. His bar features drinks from the 20’s and 30’s with a little modern twist. If you’d like to take a trip back to the early 1900’s bar scene, then this bar has you covered. The space also hosts many international customers, so you do not need to worry about being a foreigner as this bar is a hot spot to meet other foreigners. 

    Still an expensive bar, but less than the previous two bars. The bar seats about 10 people, so make sure your group of friends is tight. It is recommended that you make reservations as well. The bar is situated in Shibuya and is about a 3-4 minute walk from Ebisu train Station.


    Known as Cafe Legato, this is a restaurant and bar that sits on the 15th floor of the E-space Tower. The bar is popular for its view of the city and it’s luxurious interior design. The glass elevator alone is a sight to see! The menu is accustomed to tastes from around the world including Asian, American and European. Unlike most other bars with a view, this place does not require you to pay a charge just for the view. So you can grab a drink and take in the beauty of Shibuya for an affordable amount. The bar also amasses customers from around the world and is foreigner friendly. Legato also has events such as jazz nights, so if you are looking for a place to take your friends out for a special evening, this may suit your needs. 

    Legato offers cocktails between the ¥650-1500 range. Therefore, you can have a fancy night out with some affordable drinks. The bar is only a 2 minute walk from Shibuya crossing, yet the view does not feel overcrowded. This spot is a great place to relax among a city that is always hustling and bustling with noise!

    New York Bar

    Would you like to sit and enjoy the view of Shinjuku while sipping on a wine from one of the most extensive menus of American wines in Japan? Then New York Bar’s got you covered. Put on your best dress or suit and head over to Shinjuku. The bar offers a top class view of the city from the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt. Yea, that’s right, the 52nd floor! The bar is also a jazz bar, so there is a wonderful live performance every night for you to take in. Most people at this bar are travellers, and so the staff are accustomed to speaking English. You will also get to meet people from around the world and share stories about your global experiences. 

    Most drinks at the bar cost around ¥2,400, so yes, it is quite expensive. However, this bar is a very sophisticated space and attracts wealthy people usually. It is definitely a spot that would make your significant other feel very special. The bar is about just over a 10 minute walk from Shinjuku station.

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    Best Casual Bars in Tokyo

    Maybe you aren’t all about the party scene at bars and prefer a space to enjoy drinks and intimate conversations with friends and colleagues. Thankfully, there is a great selection of bars in Tokyo for people who prefer this atmosphere to relax in. The casual bars below are also affordable options and each have something special to offer. Take a look and you may just find what you would consider a perfect spot for a late night get together. 

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    This bar is great for anyone who enjoys Japanese craft beer and sake. The bar is designed to be a stylish place for people to stop by and grab a drink or two. The architecture stands out in the neighbourhood as it follows a minimalist style. The place isn’t much for anyone who intends on binge drinking or partying. The staff have been described as being very friendly and are used to welcoming foreigners. If you happen to visit on a Friday evening, the DJ will be spinning soul tracks to set the chill mood. The food here is common bistro meals such as marinated octopus or baby back ribs. In case you are worried about not being able to read the menu, there is a english menu available. 

    The prices of drinks and food here are moderate. Beer starts at about ¥650 and the bar snacks begin at ¥400. Although not as cheap as some of the bars above, it is still a really good price for Japanese craft beer and sake. Another8 is just a short three minute walk from Meguro station in Tokyo. It is also close to the Meguro River, so if you’d like to enjoy the views before or after visiting the bar, you can plan to do so quite easily. Quick tip, the best time to go is during cherry blossom season!

    Hub - Ale House

    The Hub is a special bar in Tokyo because it is the “original” foreigner bar. The bar is built to look like a British pub and therefore attracts many local and foreigner customers. Locals usually head into the bar to practice their English with foreigners, so it is a guaranteed place to make Japanese friends! The pub even has classic British foods like Fish and Chips or Roast Beef for anyone who may be feeling a little homesick while in Japan. Or maybe you’d just like to give the dishes a try! The pub also has a variety of other dishes including pizza, pasta and different types of curry. If you are a sports fan you are in luck because the bar holds a special atmosphere on game days as people pile in to cheer on their favourite sports teams or fighters.  

    Prices for the food here range from ¥100 to ¥980. As for the drinks, a craft beer is ¥400 and the other ale’s and beers average at about ¥650. The whiskey’s range from ¥400 to ¥700 and the cocktails are mostly in the ¥400 to ¥500 range. You can also go in during happy hour (5-7pm) and get basic cocktails for just ¥190 each! The bar is quite literally beside the Kanda train Station, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty reaching it.

    Speakeasy Bar

    This bar will surely get you involved in some sort of a crowd as it's known as a language bar. Whether you are looking for a language night or a themed event, Speakeasy Bar always has something going on. They even have a couch surfing night where people from all ethnicities come out to meet people and make new friends. Of course among these friends, you can ask about accommodation if you are really couch surfing. They have a website,, so you can check to see what themed events are coming up. The atmosphere of the bar is very friendly, chill and laid back. The bartenders also include people from different nationalities. 

    The drinks here are reasonably priced with cocktails being ¥500 and beers for ¥600. The drinks are reasonably priced but the bar does not offer a large selection of drinks, so if you're more interested in meeting and talking to people then this is a great spot. To reach the bar you can head to Otsuka Station and as you take the north exit, you should be able to see the bar within a minute of walking.

    OL Tokyo

    Inner Shibuya is known to have some of the buzziest neighbourhoods in Tokyo, so it’s no surprise that this bar is popular among people of all backgrounds. The bar is operated and owned by the Oslo Brewing Company. OL Tokyo is a Scandinavian style bar with taps that serve a wide range of Nordic brews. Even the decor in the bar is straight from Norway! This bar can be your chance to indulge in Norwegian craft beers while also enjoying great street food. Food trucks often park outside of the bar and fill the street with the aroma of delicious foods. You’ll definitely find it difficult not to try out some of the food, so bring some extra cash to get the full experience of this neighbourhood. The atmosphere in the bar is very light and easy, and they also have a patio for outdoor enjoyment. 

    Most of the beers here are priced at around ¥700. If you’d like cheaper options, the bar's non-beer menu offers drinks closer to the ¥500 range. The food menu of the bar is mostly Mexican (surprisingly), and ranges from ¥600 for fries and ¥12,500 for a Mexican bowl with extra meat. In order to reach this bar, you will have to walk about 6 minutes from Shibuya station.


    The ultimate meeting spot for people who plan to go out and have a fun night after some beers or food. Scramble is a very popular spot that friends usually meet at before hitting some of the local clubs in Shibuya because of its prices and location. The bar is also a cafe during the day where you can grab lunch or a coffee. The vibes inside the bar are completely different at night compared to during the day. As people start pilling in, it can get very busy. People usually don’t stay here too long because it's usually the tip of their nights out. So be prepared to socialize with many different groups of people. The crowd usually consists of mostly American people on most nights, however locals also stop by the bar to meet people from around the world. So if you are looking to socialize, this bar is a must go. 

    Since the bar is commonly visited for pre-game, the prices of the beers aren’t too bad. If you visit during happy hour, 7-9pm, you can get drinks for ¥500. The location of the bar is it’s strongest feature. The bar is located not even a minute from the famous Shibuya crossing. In this part of Shibuya, are the best clubs as well.

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    Concluding Remarks

    All the bars above are foreigner friendly and are on this list because they offer something special for anyone who is not from Japan. The low price and casual bars in Tokyo are meant especially for students who want to have fun on a budget. Of course there are nights where you would like to splurge and enjoy a beautiful view, that's what the classy bars are for. Whichever bar you choose to go to, we’re sure you will have a blast! You can also check this guide for things to do in Tokyo at night.