Guest Writer at Japan Switch

Would you like your articles on BFF Tokyo?

We are looking for people who would like to get more exposure for their writing and name out there on the web. We are also looking for people who would like to help fellow foreigners in Japan with good quality content.

Let us know what type of content you would like produce.

  1. Choose one of our sections - Life in Tokyo, Jobs, etc.
  2. Let us know why you want to write on this topic.

In my personal opinion, a problem that you have experienced as a foreigner in Japan and would like to help other foreigners not have to go through the same headache would be best. For example, we have a lot of experience with visas, and jobs in Tokyo, so we produced content on that to help foreigners understand their options.

How much do you pay per article?

We do not pay currently. We will pay in the future when we have a source of revenue, but we are feeling a bit resistant to the newspaper ads model at the moment.

Where can I get paid for writing articles?

Many of the travel sites work on a pay per article basis. Many of these sites are battling to appear in your search engine results and are pumping out an insane amount of content.

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