Scaling Your Company

Scaling our company is a business consultancy created by Tyson Batino, the founder of BFF Tokyo, Japan Switch, and One Coin English.

The goal is to provide coaching and consulting to business owners to help them grow their business much faster based on his experience growing One Coin English to the 7th biggest English school chain for adults in Japan after GABA.

You can learn more about the services they provide at

Business Intern Role

Learn how to how to create business presentations, market research and seek opportunities on how to better promote the business, and also create articles on frameworks for businesses.


  • You will have the chance to learn more about and potentially meet individuals in the foreign business owner community in Japan.
  • You will create presentations under Tyson's guidance for online webinars to business professionals and companies.
  • You will create business articles for business owners that will be read and solidify your current business knowledge.
  • You will receive feedback on the quality of your work and communication skills and you will grow rapidly in a short-term.

Who would be good for this position

Someone who is studying business or wants to work in a large corporation would be suitable for this internship.

Minimum Requirements and Other Information

  • Minimum commitment of 3 months
  • Minimum commitment of 12 hours a week

Important Points

  • We do not sponsor visas
  • We would not offer full-time employment after the internship
  • The internship would be done remotely only
  • This would be an unpaid / volunteer internship

How to Apply

Please apply by sending your resume to tyson at or use the contact form at

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