Internship at BFF Tokyo

Who Are We?

We have created two businesses to improve the lives of foreigners in Japan.

Japan Switch was launched in December 2018 and provides low cost Japanese lessons in Tokyo. We have 200 active foreign students in Japan.

BFF Tokyo was launched in July 2019 and is a media site aimed at providing content on learning Japanese, housing, jobs, and living in Tokyo. We have 18,000 unique monthly visitors as of February 2021.

Content or Email Marketing Intern

Learn how to write high quality articles that people want to read while learning how to plan a project, create a timeline, and meet a deadline. You will also learn good communication and work skills that would apply to any business industry.

1 : Learn how to create an effective plan and timeline and how to outline your project to reduce your research time by 50 - 70%.

2 : Learn how to write long form quality content and not the click baity crap.

3 : Learn how to research what people are searching for on the internet.

4 : Learn how to make a social media and outreach strategy to make the post you create go viral and attract a lot of viewers from social media and on the web.


  • We will provide the outline for your first article and then get you to make your own outline from your second article, so you have a gentle start.
  • We have had more than 25 interns and have developed a solid onboarding system teaching you work and communication skills.
  • You will receive feedback on the quality of your work and communication skills and you will grow rapidly in a short-term.

For interns who excel at content marketing, we may ask you to do other more complex marketing assignments such as creating an online advertisement, infographic, etc.

Minimum Requirements and Other Information

Option 1

  • Minimum commitment of 2 months
  • Minimum commitment of 20 hours a week

Option 2

  • Minimum commitment of 3 months
  • Minimum commitment of 15 hours a week

Important Points

  • We do not sponsor visas
  • We would not offer full-time employment after the internship

※ We have already brought on a former intern full-time and would not be able to hire one more person.

Transportation / Financials

  • The internship would be done remotely only
  • This would be an unpaid / volunteer internship
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Ready to Intern with Us?

Join our marketing intern team and work on some fun and exciting projects.

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