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Our Three Brands


One Coin English

Our main business One Coin English originated the concept of the low cost English school and we now have more than 4000 active students in seven schools across Tokyo and Yokohama.

We have more than 80 foreign teachers from more than 25 countries. Marketing interns will assist with increasing awareness of the school to help us attract more candidates.

Japan Switch

Japan Switch

Our new business launched in December 2018 in Shinjuku provides low cost Japanese lessons in person to foreigners in Tokyo.

Different from other Japanese schools, we place a big focus on learning how to speak in class and we have reduced most of the barriers to entry for joining a Japanese language school in Tokyo. Removing hidden and entrance fees are two examples.

BFF Tokyo

The third component to our trinity of support for foreigners is BFF Tokyo. One Coin English provides job support for foreigners, Japan Switch provides affordable Japanese lessons in Tokyo, and BFF Tokyo will provide housing support and advice for foreigners.

The goal for BFF Tokyo is to provide unbiased and honest information to help foreigners in Tokyo in areas such as housing, utilities and necessities, and daily living in Tokyo.

Why Intern at BFF Tokyo

Learn Useful Marketing Skills

As a marketing intern at BFF Tokyo you will have an opportunity to learn data driven marketing using modern marketing, tracking, and project management tools.

Areas of Marketing

Here are the areas of marketing you could learn about

  • Content Marketing and Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design and Creation

You will also get to support us with

  • Market Research
  • Graphic Design

Full Time Position Support

Although we will probably be unable to provide a full-time position. We will learn things that will prepare you for the demands of a full-time marketing position and give you a step up on the competition.

Our Goal for Your Internship

  • You have a portfolio to show future employers.
  • You are able to explain what you did and how you will help your future employers using your experience here.

Skills You Will Learn

Here are some of the software and skills you will learn.

  • Improve your ability to promote something.
  • Learn to use various modern software platforms.
  • Learn how to see a project from start to finish.
  • Task Management with software.

Company Creed

Here are the behaviors and personality we want from the people we work with.

Love the People We Work With

An organization full of people who believe in its mission will naturally become full of vitality through the synergy of its staff. We would like everyone to have the highest standards towards those they work with and walk forward with us with love and an aspiration to carry out our beliefs.

Master the Internet and Tools

There is no doubt that we have to effectively use computers and information technology both now and in the future. For these reasons, we expect our staff to grow and to continue learning new technologies and gaining new information.

Flexibility to Change our Actions

Both people and companies start to experience devolution when they are tied to the ways of the past and feel discomfort or upset with the change in times and are unwilling to change. We are people who are not afraid of uncertainty because we will adapt.

Smiling and Satisfied employees

A fun environment is good but an environment where people grow is life changing. We would like to create an environment where constructive opinions are said and you do not have to hold your feelings in. People who do not like candor should refrain from applying

Testimonials from our Interns

Here what our interns have to say about interning at BFF Tokyo.

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