Ultimate Guide to the Top English Speaking Dentists in Tokyo

 By Allegra Goldsworthy | July 21st 2021

Looking for English speaking dentist in Tokyo? In desperate need of a dental check-up? Putting off booking one due to not knowing where to find English speaking dentist? Fear not … This article will resolve all your dental concerns. 

The idea that Japanese dentists are of a lower standard than European and American ones is mistaken. While outside of the capital dental care is not considered to be of the highest standards, within Tokyo it is world class. It’s a modern city with extremely well-trained dentists offering outstanding facilities for foreigners. There are many bilingual dental clinics that are equipped with the latest technologies, including digital x-rays, 3D/CT scanning and able to carry out advanced forms of treatment including crowns, root canal treatments, and implants.

This high-quality dental care has been a result of the dental clinics being run privately with the funding provided by the local governments. Moreover, the number of dental facilities has expanded, and the health insurance system has aided this by making dental treatment more accessible and affordable. As a result, the dental health of the Japanese population has significantly improved in recent decades.  

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    Differences between American/English speaking dentist in Tokyo

    With the large increase in English speaking dentist in Tokyo, there are very few differences between the dentists working in Tokyo and dentists you would find anywhere else in developed countries. The training is now standardised and many of the English-Speaking dentists were trained in America. Therefore, the way they conduct their treatments tends to be very similar. 

    The main differences consist in how you pay for the treatments. In Japan, the dentists tend to charge by visit rather than the specific treatment. This will be explained further in the Fees section.

    Moreover, in Japan typically the doctors hold a lot of authority. This tends to mean that it is less common for patients to question their doctors choices. While this formal relationship is changing, you may want to bare this in mind before attending your dentist appointment.

    dentists in tokyo appointment

    How do I pay for dental treatment at the English speaking dentist in Tokyo?

    How do I pay for dental treatment at the English speaking dentist in Tokyo if I am a resident?

    If you are living in Tokyo, you may be concerned that you will be unable to visit the dentist without paying extortionate prices. However, if you intend on living in Japan for 3 months or longer you may be eligible to join the Japanese National Health Insurance, and this will enable you to easily attend any dentist. Alternatively, if you are working you may have private insurance through your employer and be able to use that to access the dentists in Tokyo.

    Japanese National Health Insurance coverage

    To access the Japanese National Health Insurance system, kokumin kenko-hoken you have to register with the Residential Affairs Division at your local City Office or Ward Office. This insurance is for those under the age of 75 who are unemployed or self-employed, or retired. This covers 70% of your hospital and dental bills. This does not cover your spouse or children; each member of the family must register separately. 

    There is also the option of receiving the Employee Health Insurance, kenko hoken, which means your employer pays half of your insurance, the rest is deducted from your monthly pay-check. This one is beneficial if you have a family as it will also cover 70% of your family members’ medical bills. To register for this insurance, you must be employed, and your employee will then issue you with an insurance card. 

    So, while dental treatment can be expensive, the fact that you only have to pay 30% makes dentistry more economical in Tokyo than in many other countries where dental treatment is not covered at all. So, the cost of dentists in Tokyo often surprises people who are used to considering Tokyo as all-round the most expensive city in Asia!

    Read more about Health insurance in Japan here!

    What if you are not a resident?

    If you are not covered by the National Health Insurance or the Employee Health Insurance, you may have to check with the dentist that they will accept your personal health insurance. However, generally such insurance policies do not cover non-emergency treatments such as orthodontic treatments or aesthetics. Teeth cleaning may be covered by the health insurance if the cleaning is necessary. If it is just for aesthetics you must pay for it without the insurance.  Always good to get a dental check before leaving your own country and get the necessary treatment done there to avoid expensive shocks.



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    How do I book an appointment for English speaking dentist in Tokyo?

    This will be an easy stress-free step. You simply call before or go in person to arrange your appointment. Usually, you will then have to complete registration forms and be issued with your shinsatsu-ken – a patient card which is essential to bring with you for all visits. Following on from this you may have to fill out a medical questionnaire to explain your reason for your dental visit and your past medical history.

    English speaking dentist tokyo -dentist operating man

    Example of your English speaking dentist in Tokyo appointment booking conversation

    You: もしもし。すみません、(初めての)診察に伺いたくて予約をお願いしたいんですが。

    Moshimoshi. Sumimasen, (hajimete-no) shinsatsu ni ukagai takute yoyaku wo onegai shitaindesuga.

    Hello. I’m calling to make a (my first) reservation for an appointment.


    Dentist: はい、お名前を伺ってもよろしいですか。

    Hai, onamae wo ukagattemo yoroshiidesuka.

    Hello. What is your name?


    You: はい、田中メイと申します。

    Hai, Tanaka – Mei to moushimasu.

    My name is Mei Tanaka.


    Dentist: ご希望の日にちはありますか。

    Gokibou no hinichi wa arimasuka.

    Is there a preferred date for your appointment?


    You: 木曜日か金曜日の午後が希望です。

    Mokuyoubi ka kinnyoubi no gogo ga kibou desu.

    I would prefer the afternoon of Thursday or Friday.


    Dentist: 木曜日の午後であれば、3時か5時が空いております。

    Mokuyoubi no gogo de areba, sanji kara goji ga aiteorimasu.

    We are open at 3 and 5pm on Thursday.


    You: じゃあ、木曜日の3時でお願いします。

    Jyaa, mokuyoubino sanji de onegaishimasu.

    Great, I would like to reserve 3pm on Thursday.


    Dentist: はい、では木曜日の3時、田中さんをお待ちしています。よろしくお願いします。

    Hai, dewa, mokuyoubino sanji, Tanaka-san wo omachishiteimasu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

    Alright, we will be waiting for you at 3pm on Thursday. Thank you.


    You: よろしくお願いします。

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

    Thank you.


    Dentist: 失礼します。

    Shitsurei shimasu.



    You: 失礼します。

    Shitsurei shimasu.


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    What do I need to bring with me to the English speaking dentist in Tokyo?

    As mentioned, you must bring your patient card, as well as your photo ID, this could be your residence card/driver/s license. It will also be easier if you really check where the dentist clinic is beforehand in order to make sure you can get to your appointment on time. Tokyo is a very big place, so it takes a while to get across the city.

    English speaking dentist Tokyo -in dentist

    Fees at the English speaking dentist in Tokyo

    Dental care cost point system

    In Japan, the cost of dental care is calculated using a points system. Each type of treatment has a points value depending on varying factors of the treatment, how long it took, the materials used etc. It works as 1 point being equal to 10 yen (0.091 USD)

    The base fee for a first-time appointment is 234 points so it will cost 2,340 yen (21.32 USD), although a patient with insurance will only pay 70% of that ie. 700 yen (6.37 USD). A consultation fee is also almost always to be expected. 

    Figures below are some estimated prices from various dentist clinics in Tokyo:

    0 to 1,500 yen technical recommendations for toothpaste and brushes;

    1,500 to 2,500 yen by resin filling;

    1,500 to 60,000 yen by fillings and fillings (inlay);

    3,000 to 150,000 yen for crowns or false teeth;

    5,000 to 900,000 yen for extractions, implants, bridges and dentures;

    Below are some treatments covered by shakai hoken already discounted:

    700 to 2,000 yen - Dentist consultation fee;

    3,000 yen - Dental examination with a subjective symptom;

    1,500 to 3,000 yen - Treatment for a deteriorated tooth (beginning);

    2,000 to 10,000 yen - Treatment for a deteriorated tooth;

    7,000 to 20,000 yen - Treatment of a serious decayed tooth;

    1,500 to 3,000 yen - Tooth extraction (straight eruption);

    2,500 to 4,000 yen - Tooth extraction (slightly impacted):

    3000 yen - The basic treatment for gum disease;

    How do I avoid being overcharged at English speaking dentist in Tokyo?

    A risk with English speaking dentist in Tokyo is they could potentially use your lack of familiarity with health care costs and increase the prices to avoid this, it is useful to read guides such as this one that can show you what the prices should be, you can also shop around and ring a few dentists before-hand. 

    English speaking dentist Tokyo - woman's mouth at English speaking dentist Tokyo
    japanese kanji

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    Useful vocabulary at the dentist






    Wisdom tooth 






    Dental filling 












    Useful phrases at the dentist



    How much will it cost to…? 


    (dono-kurai-no-hiryou-de …?)

    Can I book an appointment__?



    I have toothache



    My filling/crown has fallen out.



    My teeth bleed when I brush them



    My tooth is chipped



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    Top English speaking dentists in Tokyo

    Hitomi Dental Office

    This is one of the highest rated English speaking dentist in Tokyo on Yelp. It has two offices, which are easily accessible via public transport. National health insurance is accepted here. The president, Hitomi Hayashi has had extensive training and 25 years of dental experience. A dental check-up starts from 5,000 yen and teeth cleaning is 10,000 yen. The services on offer include preventative, cosmetics, dental implants and oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, restorative, pedodontics, TMJ treatment, sleep apnea and facial and botox therapy.       


    Address: Akasaka Royal Plaza 2F, 20-3-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

    Number: 0362777938

    Email: info@hitomidental.com 

    Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 19:00   

    Link: https://www.hitomidental.com/

    United Dental Office Tokyo

    This is an English speaking dental clinic that has incredible facilities with all doctors having completed their licensing in the United States. It is internationally focussed intentionally seeking to make the services accessible to foreigners. They offer children dentistry, implants, cosmetics, emergency appointments, routine check-ups and cleaning, fillings, root canal treatment and orthodontics.

    Address: 2 Chome-3-8  Azabudai, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0041

    Number: 03-5570-4334

    Email: manager@uniteddentaloffice.com 

    Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 09:00 – 18:00

    Link: https://www.uniteddentaloffice.com/

    RYO Dental Clinic

    This clinic again concentrates on creating an easy and accessible environment for foreigners. They are aware of the cultural shock foreigners may experience and therefore they focus not only on the clients’ teeth but also their overall well-being. They offer implants, whitening, asthetic treatment, cavaties, periodontal disease, dental check-up, cleaning, bad breath treatment, gum swelling, brushing instructions and same-day crowns. 

    Address: Building 2F, Nagai, 1 Chome-7-7 

    Hatchobori, Chuo City

    Tokyo 104-0032

    Number:  +8-3-6280-5460

    Hours: Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 13:00, 14:00 – 17:30 (except Saturday only morning) 

    Link: https://ryodental.com/ 

    Fukutomi Dental Office

    This clinic’s director studied at UCLA thus is expert in practicing dentistry in the English language. He can also resonate with foreigners’ anxieties when coming to a new city as he too experienced this when he moved to Los Angeles as a student. The initial office fee here is more expensive than other, 11,000 yen clinics but on the second visit it goes down to 3,300 yen. They offer check-ups & cleaning, dental bonding, aesthetic dentistry and infection control.

    Address: 27-7 Motoyoyogicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (1st floor)

    Number: 03-6407-0229

    Hours: 9:30am-1:00pm / 2:00pm-6:30pm (open until 4:30pm on Saturdays)  

    Link: https://www.tokyodentalesthetics.com/en/

    Fujimi Dental Clinic F4

    This clinic has been highly rated for its efficiency and welcoming nature. Its staff can speak English and it is well located via public transport. They offer an extensive range of treatments being; restorative, prosthetics, periodontics, implants, TMJ treatment, orthodontics, crown & bridges, endodontics, oral surgery, repairs, pedodontics and cosmetics. 

    Address: 104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 1 Chome−8−20 1 104 0061

    Number: +81335634022

    Email: fujimi.eng@fdclinic.com 

    Link: https://www.fdclinic.com/english/

    English speaking dentist Tokyo - dentist chair

    Tokyo Clinic Dental Office

    This is the oldest English-speaking dentist in Tokyo, it has been open since 1952. The head practitioner has had experience working in the US and uses these methods in his Tokyo clinic. They offer experienced hygienists for cleaning and do routine checks for cavities and gum disease. The main treatments include preventative dentistry, periodontal therapy, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, bleaching and Invisalign.   

    Address: 105-0011 Tokyo, Minato City, Shibakoen, 3 Chome−4−30, 32 Shiba Koen Building, 3

    Number: +81334314255

    Email: tcdo@gol.com 

    Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday: 9am – 6 pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm 

    Link: http://www.tcdo.jp/

    Trust Dental Clinic

    This clinic is very easily accessible from downtown Tokyo, 3 minutes’ walk from Harajuku JR station. The main practitioner studied in the US therefore is equipped with American knowledge and methods. It is an internationally focussed dental clinic. The services provided are general dentistry, oral surgery, dental implants, preventative and restorative dentistry. 

    Address: 1 Chome-11-1 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan

    Number: +81334021501

    Email: info@trustdental.jp 

    Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:30am – 5pm (except Saturdays)

    Link: http://www.trustdental.jp/english/fees.htm 

    Dental Office OC3 Hibiya

    This clinic's staff have been trained in America and speak very good English. It is known for being a luxurious dentist who attracts foreigners who want comfortable dentist appointments. This dentist specialises in implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery. It also focuses on dental implants, root canal treatment and crowns/veneers. The technological equipment includes panoramic x-ray, intraoral x-ray and dental microscope treatments. They accept the Japanese National Health Insurance.

    Address: 104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 4 Chome−3−9 クイーンズハウス 4

    Number: +81362054545

    Email: info@oc3.jp

    Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am-6pm

    Link: https://gcr.org/c/dental-office-oc3-hibiya-chiyoda#facilities-section

    Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic

    This is well renowned for its main practitioner Dr. Suzuki who has a personable character and is used to working with foreign clients. It is easily accessible from the centre. They offer general dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, oral surgery and aesthetic dentistry. This clinic also has state of the art technology for a high-tech treatment. The website offers easy inquiry and new patient registration forms for rapid admission. 

    Address: Motoazabu Hills Forest Terrace West 1-3-3 Motoazabu Minato-ku, Tokyo

    Number: 03-5730-3900

    Hours: Monday – Friday 9:30 – 13:00 & 14:30 – 19:00, Saturday 9:30 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 17:00

    Link: http://www.hills-dc.com/en/

    Drs Kaku

    This is a family clinic that is run by Dr. and Dr. Kaku being a family run business it is suitable for children and has a great reputation. The one downside is the opening hours so make sure you check in advance for availability. The website offers an online smile assessment before you attend your appointment which helps speed up the process. They offer excellent dental care for kids, orthodontic treatment and whitening. 

    Address: 46-17 Ōyamachō, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0065, Japan

    Number: +81354520118

    Email: jkkaku@nextortho.org 

    Hours: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 10:30am – 7 pm

    Link: https://drskaku.com/en.html

    English speaking dentist tokyo -Dentist chair

    Kimishima Dental Clinic

    This clinic offers a high level of English and Spanish dentists. It is therefore suited for international clients and adapted to a wide range of nationalities. It is well located in the centre. Dr Kimishima also works as a professor at Nippon Dental University. 

    Address: 5-2-35 5F Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

    Number: 03-6277-4217

    Email: tetsukun8020@yahoo.co.jp 

    Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:00-12:30 & 14:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-12:30 & 14:00-17:00

    Link: https://www.kimi-dental-office.com/english/

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    Reiko Dental Clinic

    This dentist is well located in Akasaka and apt to work with international clients. It offers great dental services with dentists known for their open nature. The main practitioner Makabe Reiko is a graduate of the University of Kansas in the US and later on at International Medical Center of Japan Maxillofacial Surgery. They offer professional mechanical teeth cleaning as well as implants, teeth whitening, and orthodontics. 

    Address: 1F Shindo bld., 5-1-30 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

    Number: 03- 5114-6077

    Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:30-14:00 & 15:00-19:00; Saturday 10:00 -14:00 & 15:00-18:00

    Link: https://reiko-dental.com/en/ 

    Yamate Dental Clinic

    This dentist is experienced in teeth whitening as well as non-cosmetic dentistry. It is well located and easy to reach via public transport. They offer intensive checks when you first visit that include digital radiography, counselling, inspection of periodontal disease, saliva test and inspection of plaque. They also do aesthetic treatments such as teeth whitening. They are also specialised in treating children, so this is an advisable clinic for families. The clinic accepts the National Health Insurance. 

    Address: 5-4, 3 Chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

    Number: 03-3719-6874

    Email: info@yamate-d.com 

    Hours: Weekdays 9:30-13:00, 14:30-8:00 Saturday 9:30 -13:00

    Link: http://www.yamate-d.com/english/EnglishGuide.html

    Fujimoto Dental Clinic

    This is a luxurious dentist and is very pricey. However, if you are looking for a deluxe dentist trip this is the right place to visit. This clinic has been running since 1981.  The top dentists were trained in America and speak fluent English. Dr. Fujimoto is a fully qualified periodontist as well as general dental care. Periodontists are specialists in gum disease and implants. They offer a variety of treatments including crown and bridge, implants, periodontal, dentures, endodontic, orthodontic, aesthetic dentures and general maintenance. 

    Address: 3 Chome-9-11 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

    Number: +81355510051

    Email: fujidc@kk.iij4u.or.jp 

    Hours: Monday – Friday – 9:30am – 6 pm

    Link: http://www.fujimoto-dental.com/english/

    Mihara Dental Clinic

    Dr Mihara has been practicing in and around Tokyo for over 15 years. He is very well experienced and speaks fluent English. This clinic is well situated and easily accessible. The website is mostly in Japanese, but they assure experienced English speakers treating the patients. They offer a variety of services including general treatment, implants, cosmetic dentistry, paediatric dentistry and paediatric orthodontics. 

    Address: 151-0066 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Nishihara, 2 Chome−31−3 山本ビル 2F

    Number: +81364071646

    Email: info@miharadentalclinic.com 

    Hours: Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 1pm, 2:30 – 7pm (except for Tuesdays)

    Link: https://www.miharadentalclinic.com/

    Nakashima Dental Clinic

    This clinic offers child and adult dentistry. It accepts the National Health Insurance. The main practitioner graduated in America and completed his studies at Tohoku Dental University. This prestigious training makes it a trustworthy clinic where you will receive the highest quality treatment. It is located in central Tokyo. It specialises in a number of things but above all cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, implant dentistry, periodontics, root canals and wisdom tooth extractions. This is an expert clinic in dealing with foreign patients. 

    Address: Roppongi U Bldg. 4F, 4-5-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku

    Number: 03-3479-2726 

    Email: hahaha@dentist-nakashima.jp 

    Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00

    Link: https://healthytokyo.com/medical/nakashima-dental-office-roppongi-minato-ku/

    Yo Dental Office

    This dental clinic is located in Hiroo. The main practitioner has far-reaching, world-wide training meaning he is highly experienced in working with people from different areas of the world. This clinic contains state of the art dentist technology which allows for the highest quality treatments.

    Address: Hiroo 23, 5-14-14, Minami-Azabu, Minato-Ku
    Number: 03-5969-8241
    Email: info@yodental.jp
    Hours: 10:00-13:00, 14:30-18:30 (Sat. 10:00-13:00, 14:00-16:00 )
    Link: https://www.yodental.jp/

    Fun fact - Japanese dentists using robots!

    In Japan breakthrough technology has been tested out whereby dentists in training practice on human robots. These robots have lifelike skin, eyes, and a mouth with imitation teeth on which students can practice operations. When they drill too close to the nerve endings, an installed sensor sounds an alarm. This is innovative technology that shows the investment and care Japan is taking on the future of its dentistry. Modern machinery is being adapted and developed every day to assure patients in Japan and worldwide are receiving the highest standard treatments. 


    Finding a dentist you trust and feel comfortable with is a difficult and strenuous task. However, with this comprehensive guide we hope to have made your search easier. Luckily, we have found plenty of highly rated and respected dental clinics with fully fluent, American trained practitioners. We have also assured that they are spread around Tokyo so you can find the one that best suits you and is most easily accessible. 

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