Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Outlet Shopping

By Lauren Page | June 19th, 2022 

Are you someone who loves high fashion but you have the budget of the high street? Then look no further than Tokyo outlet shops. If there is one thing outlets are well known for, it’s saving money. You find big name luxury brands at a fraction of the cost, but how much can you really save in Tokyo outlets? Whilst the percentage off does vary from store to store, or even mall to mall, at Tokyo's outlets you can save up to 60% off the original market price. During special events you can save up to 90% so it’s always worth checking out the new events available or special discounts around the turn of the season.

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    What Can I Buy at a Tokyo Outlet?


    Tokyo outlets are filled with many stores and well known designer brands, both western and Japanese. The most popular items in the outlets are clothing. There are many clothing and fashion stores in Tokyo outlets boasting huge discounts of up to 60% off their retail price and even some offering western sizes, great for those struggling to find clothing in larger sizes. Brands such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas take care of your workout and loungewear needs whereas Fred Perry, Givenchy and Kate Spade take care of your workwear and everyday high fashion needs. 


    We all know shoes can be an expensive investment, especially designer shoes. Thankfully, outlet malls in Tokyo offer multiple stores selling designer shoes for any occasion from a night out, to work to hiking in the mountains. Here you are likely to find larger sizes compared to typical brands in central Tokyo and at a fantastic price. What’s not to love? Find Premium brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang as well as more every day brands such as Converse, Mammut and Vans. 


    If you are anything like me, you love a good accessory. What outfit is complete without a hat, bag or something sparkly? Tokyo outlets offer a fantastic range of bags, from designer handbags to luggage cases for your next trip abroad at a fantastic price. This is also a great place to hunt for jewelry as not only is it affordable, but you can pick up some stunning pieces of both costume jewelry and watches. Popular brands include Seiko, Citizen and Jouete. 

    Makeup and Skincare

    One of the great things about outlets is the number of makeup counters and skin care stores you can find. Often skincare is expensive as you need a number of different products for your typical skin care routine. Whilst Japan has some fantastic skin care products and brands, the price can make your eyes water. Enter the outlet with popular skin care brands and products at lower discounted prices. These can be found either in the general goods stores or at their own dedicated counter. 


    Of course, outlet shopping is not just for adults. Kids can have some fun too with a vast array of toy stores, arcades and play parks, children can enjoy a day of outlet shopping just as much as adults. Why not visit the Lego store and choose your own Lego pieces to build at home? Or pick up some Pokémon toys at the Pokémon outlet store in Kisarazu Outlet Park. 

    General and Home Goods

    Last on the list of places that you absolutely must go is the kitchen and homeware stores. With brands such as Le Cruset, Tefal and FrancFranc you are likely to have the best kitchenware for your home without the typical $200 price tag. This is a must for anyone who enjoys cooking at home. This is a great idea, especially if you’re just moving to Japan and you need a new set of cookware that is hard wearing but affordable. 


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    What is the Difference Between American Outlet Malls and Tokyo Outlet Malls?

    Coats, shirts, and bags on a shelf at a Tokyo Outlet mall

    The biggest difference between American malls and Tokyo malls is that Tokyo outlets have the advantage that they are easily accessible without a car, and can be found close to the city, which makes them ideal day trips, or half day trips. American Outlets may have more sales dates than the typical Japanese Outlet. Japanese outlets offer the typical summer and winter sales and also some smaller sales sprinkled throughout the year. Japan is beginning to take advantage of sale dates such as Black Friday, but it is unlikely to take advantage of the typical large shopping times in the USA such as Christmas, Easter, and back to school events. 

    One advantage of Tokyo Outlets is the services offered inside the malls which make shopping incredibly convenient. There are coin lockers, seamstresses and even a shipping service to send your goods home ahead of you instead of taking them home on the train. This is very good for large shopping trips. Unfortunately, this service is only available to Japanese addresses, so no overseas shipping is available. Most outlets also have an onsite translation service with multiple languages available, which you can call to have them act as an interpreter between you and the cashier.

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    Standout Japanese Brands in Tokyo Outlet Malls

    Whilst you will find many well known American or western brands in Tokyo outlets, you will also find a fantastic array of Japanese brands too. Previously mentioned Jouete is a beautiful jewelry brand native to the Osaka region, boasting timeless jewelry to bring out your own inner shine. You can find both classic gold and silver pieces, as well as black metal and white gold pieces in geometric and classical designs. 

    Wego, Agnes B Voyage and As Know As, are some fantastic fashion brands spanning a range of age and tastes. Wego, for example, is most known in Harajuku for its subculture street fashion, whereas Agnes B. Voyage and As Know As focus more on classic pieces that would fit right into your work wardrobe and everyday living. 23ku brands themselves as the standard for Japanese women’s clothing wear, offering beautifully made everyday wear. On the other hand, Miki House is your one stop shop for childrenswear. 

    Gift and toy stores such as Pokemon and Sanrio offer a fantastic range of children’s toys and cute accessories for big kids who want a little bit of cute in their lives. They are particularly good for themed stationary and plush toys.


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    What Japanese Phrases Do I Need to Know for Shopping at Tokyo Outlet Malls?

    Whilst some outlets will have staff that can speak English, as indicated by a little flag on their name tags, it might not come as a surprise that Japanese is the main language and communication may be difficult or broken without it. Shopping in a Tokyo Outlet is a fantastic opportunity to practice your Japanese as most stores will follow a similar protocol or script whilst serving you at the fitting rooms or sales counter. If you are really struggling, most stores will offer an in house translation service that you can call on your mobile to help you communicate with the staff, but with a small handful of phrases you will easily be able to ask for what you want. 

    Upon entering the store you may hear: 


    Which is the staff greeting you and welcoming you into the store. You may also hear:

    I’m sorry 
    Taihen mōshi wake gozaimasen.

    Do you need help?/Can I help you? 
    Nanka deshou ka.  


    Ikaga nasai deshou ka.

    Do you have this in a different size? 
    Kore wa hoka no saizu ga arimasu ka.

    Which size would you like? 
    Dochira no saizu ga ukagai deshouka.

    Can I try this on? 
    Shikaku sasete moratte mo ii desu ka.


    Kite mo ii desu ka. 

    I don’t want these.  
    Kore wa chotto…

    I don’t want it because of the size 
    Kono saizu wa chotto…

    I will take these.  
    Kore wa onegaishimasu.

    Can I pay by card? 
    Kaado de daijoubu desu ka. 

    Can you write your address here please?
    ご住所を書いてください(/ ご住所を伺ってください) 
    Gojousho o kaite kudasai

    Can you ship this to my house?
    Watashi no ie ni haisō dekimasu ka

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    Tokyo Outlet Malls

    Grandberry Park Outlet 

    Grandberry Park is a great destination for a day trip. Based on the concept of an amusement park, with a good range of stores and boasting four sections of entertainment to keep you busy throughout the day. There are four main areas for you to visit; Central Court, where you’ll find most of the outlet shops, market square and the kids play area. Station Court with a few shops immediately out of the station. Park Life Site, where you will find the wonder theater, kids play area and library as well the newly reopened snoopy museum. Finally, Tsuruma Park where you will find a picnic spot and sports courts for sporting events or a scenic route to walk around. 

    Grandberry Park, previously named Grandberry Outlet, offers over 230 stores and food options, including a fresh market for fresh food, fish and flowers. Here you can find lots of famous western brands such as Under Armor, Lacoste and Coach. There are also many Japanese brands to enjoy such as Jouete, Tokyo Shirts and Sanrio. The different areas offer lots of different activities, which makes it especially ideal for a family day out. The park offers events and discounts throughout the year, but the most exciting event is the ice rink from December 14th to March 1st. Get that traditional winter wonderland feeling over the holiday period as you would in America. 

    It is easily accessible from central Tokyo by train or bus. The outlet is attached to Minami-Machida Grandberry Park station, with the main outlet around 3-5 minutes walk from the train. From Shibuya Station it is about 33 minutes by express train on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line. The Machida 89 Bus from Machida Station to Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu will take around 25 minutes from Machida Station. You will also find a large parking lot for parking both cars and bicycles on hand should you wish to use your own vehicle. 

    Opening hours vary depending on the attraction, but the outlet mall is open between 11am and 10pm, which makes it perfect for off peak hours shopping if you are at school or work during the day. 

    Address: 〒194-8589 Tokyo, Machida, Tsuruma, 3-chōme−4−1
    Nearest stations: Minami-Machida 
    Open hours: 11am - 10pm
    Parking available: Yes
    Interpreter Service: Yes

    Woman looking through a rack of clothes at a Tokyo outlet shopping mall

    Mitsui Outlet Park Tama

    Mitsui outlet is the biggest franchise of outlet malls in Japan boasting 14 outlet parks in Japan, five of which are located in the Kanto area around Tokyo. The one within Tokyo is located in Tama Minami Osawa. This mall is modeled on French architecture and whilst not the biggest mall in this guide, it offers a great selection of 100 shops and restaurants, as well as general goods stores, gardening stores and a pet store! 

    Built with families in mind, this outlet boasts several entertainment areas such as a festival stage, a children’s play area and an adult cultural learning center. Many of the restaurants offer outdoor seating so that you can fully enjoy the European atmosphere. What’s even better is that, as the mall is outdoor, you can bring your pet onto the grounds, though access to individual stores may be restricted. 

    This outlet mall is best accessed from Shinjuku station where you can take the Keio line towards Hashimoto for 34 minutes. The outlet is then an easy two minute walk from Minami-Osawa station. There is also a large multi-storey car park and bicycle park available to those not using the train. 

    Opening hours are slightly shorter than your typical outlet mall, opening at 10am and closing at 8pm. Restaurants are open a little longer until 10pm if you want to have dinner after a long shopping spree. 

    Address: 1 Chome-600 Minamiosawa, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0364
    Nearest stations: Minami-Osawa
    Open hours: 10am - 8pm
    Parking available: Yes
    Interpreter Service: Yes


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    Tokyo Outlet Events

    Tokyo Outlet Week

    Outlet malls are not the only way to save money in Tokyo. Every year from early June to mid July there is a pop up event called Tokyo Outlet Week. Tokyo outlet week offers multiple Japanese brands in lots of different styles and genres of clothing. The event is focused on clothes and sometimes features watches and jewelry. The participating brands differ from year to year, so you need to check out their official website for the current brands available and what week they will be available. 

    The difference between the pop-up event and outlet stores is that sizing is limited, only the sizes and items displayed on the shop floor are available and the overall feel is more akin to thrift shopping than outlet shopping. However, there is generally a bigger discount to be found at the pop up event with most brands offering between 50% and 90% discounts on their items. 

    Be aware, unlike outlet malls, there will be almost no English support here, so knowing some Japanese terms is a must. The good thing is that because there is only what is displayed, the amount of Japanese you will need is much smaller. Simple phrases like;

    Can I try this on? 
    Shikaku sasete moratte mo ii desu ka.


    Can I pay by card? 
    Kaado de daijoubu desu ka. 

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    In order to shop at the pop up event you will need to do two things; determine the date you want to go according to the brands you want and order a ticket. Tickets are free and available via the Tokyo outlet website. The purpose of this is to limit the amount of people inside the venue to ensure a pleasant shopping experience. 

    The event is 5 weeks long, with each week offering different brands to shop from. It split across two venues, the first two weeks being in 5054 The Gallery in Minami-Aoyama, which is accessed by the Omotesando station. The last three weeks are held in the Omotesando Museum, also accessed from the Omotesando station. The station is served by the Ginza subway line and the Hanzomon subway line. 

    Address: 5054 The Gallery and Omotesando Museum
    Nearest stations: Omotesando
    Open hours: 11am - 7pm (may vary) 
    Parking available: No.
    Interpreter Service: No.

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    Kanagawa Outlet Malls

    Yokohama Bay Mitsui Outlet

    Mitsui outlet in Yokohama is a beautiful mall to visit. It sits right on the waterfront of Yokohama bay, with some restaurants and cafes overlooking the marina. This particular shopping center is open air, with plenty of gourmet food establishments to satisfy any foodie. It has a relaxed atmosphere that is sure to allow you to enjoy your shopping experience to the maximum. 

    This is the smallest outlet mall on the list with only 85 stores, but the food and views of the marina make it well worth the visit. Well known brands you can expect to find here include Lacoste, Takeo, Armani and Ralph Lauren Home. There is a good range of sportswear stores from New Balance, Nike and Adidas for your sports wear and shoes to Columbia for your more robust outdoor supplies. 

    Yokohama  Bay Mitsui Outlet can be accessed by train on the seaside line (the Negishi line) at Torihama station, and then a short five minute walk towards the marina. The outlet is open from 10am to 8pm for shopping and until 9pm for eating. 

    Address: 5-2 Shiraho, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 236-8666
    Nearest stations: Torihama Station 
    Open hours: 10am to 8pm
    Parking available: Yes
    Interpreter Service: Yes


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    Chiba Outlet Malls

    Shisui Premium Outlet 

    Shisui premium outlet boasts two things; the proximity to Narita Airport and the vast amount of domestic Japanese high fashion brands. As the name suggests, Shisui is a premium outlet, catering mostly to fashionistas looking for a bargain with famously expensive brands. 

    Western brands are available with the usual Lacoste, Coach, Nike and Adidas but the real draw of Shisui Premium Outlet is the domestic brands. With over 100 domestic brands out of their 220 stores, this is the outlet to really explore Japanese fashion. Explore brands such as Earth Music&Ecology, As Know As, and Agnes B. Voyage here. Even the restaurants available are mostly from Japanese companies, offering a wide variety of dishes from popular shops in the center, without the long waiting times. Garett Popcorn Shop from Harajuku, J.S Pancake cafe and Kuzefuku Shoten are among the food outlets. 

    To get to the outlet there is a free shuttle bus from Narita Airport, if you are coming back from holiday, or you can get a bus from Tokyo Station for around 50 minutes. It can also be accessed by train from Tokyo station on the JR Sobu Line or the Keisei Main Line from Ueno station to Shisui station, and then transfer to a bus to the outlet mall. The outlet is open from 10am until 8pm March to January and until 7pm in February only. 

    Address: 〒285-0912 Chiba, Imba District, Shisui, Iizumi, 2-chōme−4−1
    Nearest stations: Shisui Station
    Open hours: 10am - 8pm
    Parking available: Yes
    Interpreter Service: Yes

    Shopping in Tokyo

    Mitsui Outlet Mall Makuhari

    Another contender from Mitsui, a small but easily accessible open air mall with a relaxing atmosphere. Hosting around 140 shops you can find plenty to suit your needs here with sportswear brands such as Champion, Asics and Puma. Japanese brands such as Fukuske, Jouete and Héliopôle.  Finally, western brands such as Coach, Seiko and Michael Kors, 

    Makuhari Outlet is certainly the easiest outlet to access from east Tokyo with a direct train from Tokyo station on the JR Keiyo Line in the direction of Kaihin-Makuhari or Soga. Get off at Kaihin-Makuhari Station and walk about one minute to the outlet. Opening hours are typically 10am to 8pm with restaurants opening slightly longer until 9:30pm. 

    Address: 〒261-0021 Chiba, Mihama Ward, Hibino, 2-chōme−6−1
    Nearest stations: Kaihin- Makuhari Station 
    Open hours: 10am - 8pm 
    Parking available: Yes
    Interpreter Service: Yes

    Mitsui Outlet Kisarazu Mall

    Kisarazu Outlet Mall is by far the biggest outlet in the Tokyo area. Boasting an impressive 300 stores there is very little you won’t find here at Kisarazu. This mall is open air and modeled with a resort villa feeling in mind. It feels more like California than Tokyo and it makes for a very pleasant shopping experience. 

    Here you will find plenty of luxury fashion brands for all ages as well as a wide range of sports wear, kitchenware, homeware and toys. Fashion stores include Rope picnic, Niko and…, as well as Vivian Westwood. You can also find a Rayban Store, Seiko and Dr. Martens. 

    Highlights here include a Disney store and the Pokemon Centre, selling soft toys and branded goods at a discount compared to their inner city counterparts. This is a great place to take the family or pick up gifts for your family or friends' children (or yourself, a child wouldn’t appreciate a giant Snorlax or a life-size Stitch nearly as much as we would). 

    As is common with Mitsui Outlet malls, the opening hours are 10am until 8pm for shops and 9pm for restaurants. Kisarazu is easy enough to get to with access from Shinjuku or Tokyo station by direct bus. 

    Address: 〒292-0009 Chiba, Kisarazu, Kanedahigashi, 3-chōme−1−1
    Nearest stations: Kisarazu Bus Stop
    Open hours: 10am - 8pm
    Parking available: Yes
    Interpreter Service: Yes

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    Saitama Outlet Malls

    Mitsui Outlet Iruma

    The final offering from Mitsui in the area is Iruma Outlet Park. Iruma is based on Edo-style and offers a more traditional feeling compared to other outlets. Iruma is the second largest of the Mitsui parks, boasting an impressive 210 different stores and food establishments. Here you will find lots of western brands such as Diesel, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren Home, as well as many accessories and goods stores such as Jouete, Sanrio and Seiko. As with other Mitsui outlets, this one is ideal for families as it offers stores and shopping for all ages and a multitude of toy stores. 

    Iruma Outlet Park can be reached by taking the Seibu Ikebukuro Line from Ikebukuro Station towards Hanno.  Get off at Irumashi Station. Then take a bus from Irumashi station to Iruma Outlet Park. The opening hours are from 10am to 8pm for shops and 9pm for restaurants. 

    Address: 3169-1 Miyadera, Iruma, Saitama 358-8515
    Nearest stations: Irumashi Station
    Open hours: 10am - 8pm
    Parking available: Yes
    Interpreter Service: Yes

    Lake Town Outlet Mall

    A supermall from Aeon has cropped up in recent years, clearly claiming the rightful place as the biggest mall in Japan, boasting an impressive 700 stores and a beautiful surrounding. The best thing is; the whole mall is eco friendly.  There are three sections to this mall; Kaze, Mori and Lake Town Outlet. The outlet is open air and is marked with a green bullseye. As the name suggests, the town where the mall is located is home to a vast lake that can be seen from some of the restaurants in the mall, but is equally close enough to walk around if you want a bit of nature in your day. 

    Lake Town Mall is great for the vast array of shops for both outlet stores and non outlet stores. You can find a supermarket, and Aeon’s own department store within Kaze and Mori. In the outlet you can find brands such as Uniqlo, Wego, Zara and Lacoste.  This is ideal for shoppers looking for more than just outlet shopping. 

    Lake Town Mall is open from 10am to 8pm and can be accessed by train from Tokyo station by first taking the Keihin Tohoku line to Minami Urawa and then switching to the JR Musashino line from and get off at Koshigaya Lake Town station. The outlet is then a short walk through the Kaze section of the mall. 

    Address: 〒343-0828 Saitama, Koshigaya, Lake Town, 4-chōme−1−1
    Nearest stations: Koshiga Lake Town Station
    Open hours: 10am - 8pm
    Parking available: Yes
    Interpreter Service: Yes


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    Shizuoka Outlet Malls

    Gotemba Premium Outlet 

    Gotemba Premium Outlet is slightly different from the other outlets listed in that it is very close to Mount Fuji, which means on a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji from the open air square. Whilst not the biggest or the closest outlet on this list, the views of Mt. Fuji make it well worth the visit. This is also the prettiest mall on the list, only enhanced by the great views. In terms of shopping the outlet boasts a grand 290 stores and restaurants. 

    Compared to other outlets on this list Gotemba really shines in menswear, which is comparable to womenswear here compared to other outlets. You can find well recognised brands such as Alexander Wang, Abercrombie and Fitch and Gucci all carrying menswear. Here you can also find fun for children including a ferris wheel, a cinema and children’s play area, making it an ideal day trip for families. 

    Gotemba is open from 10am to 8pm March to November and 10am to 7pm December through February. It is accessed easily from Shinjuku using the Odakyu Limited Express Romancer to Mt. Fuji. Get off at Gotemba station and then take the free shuttle bus to the outlet. 

    Address: 1312 Fukasawa, Gotemba, Shizuoka 412-0023
    Nearest stations: Gotemba Station
    Open hours: 10am - 8pm March - November, 10am - 7pm December to February.
    Parking available: Yes
    Interpreter Service: Yes

    Two women looking at clothes while out shopping

    Final Thoughts on Tokyo Outlet Shopping

    Whether you’re looking for premium brands or discounted toys and homeware you can find almost everything you need at a Tokyo outlet. There is something for everyone whether it’s a full day out with the family to Grandberry Park, a trip to Gotemba for an extensive menswear selection or a trip to Shisui for premium fashion items from Japanese brands. Don’t forget to stop by the largest mall of Japan and enjoy the wealth of choice at Lake Town Aeon, or give your tastebuds a treat in Mitsui Park Yokohama Bay. There is an opportunity for outlet shopping to suit your needs.

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