Skye Ciaccio



About Me


Hello! My name is Skye Ciaccio. While my twin sister and I were born in Virginia, I have moved from home to home multiple times throughout my life and have a lot of experience with the moving process. I understand what sort of difficulties a person may have when moving to a new location, especially when that location is a different country entirely; I once spent more than half a decade living in a different country before moving back to the United States.


I don't have to move anymore now that my dad is retired from his job, though. Staying in one place has come with a whole different set of learning experiences.


BFFTokyo Internship


I chose to intern at BFFTokyo because I admired the dedication of the company & how helpful the company is for foreigners adjusting to life in Japan after moving to Tokyo. As an intern for BFFTokyo now, I am happy to be a part of that even as just an intern. 


I have not yet had the privilege of meeting the BFFTokyo staff & other interns in person because COVID-19 postponed the date I was meant to travel to Japan. Even so, I have had a wonderful time and an educational experience while interning at BFFTokyo thus far.


If you need help adjusting to life in Japan and living in Tokyo, BFFTokyo is always here to be your Best Friend in Tokyo!





I have more than one goal as an intern for BFFTokyo. My first & foremost goal is to help foreigners find accommodations in Tokyo that are right for them. I have put in more than 200 hours of research on apartment hunting in Tokyo, and questioned multiple foreigners about their concerns, to accomplish that goal. I am still pursuing my goal of creating a BFFTokyo guide to apartments in Tokyo series & strive to always improve on what I have completed.


I have a second goal as an intern at BFFTokyo to learn from the professionalism of BFFTokyo & how dedicated BFFTokyo is to making the transition to life in Japan easier for foreigners in Tokyo.


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