Guide to Moving Companies in Tokyo

By Skye | July 27th, 2020

This article on moving companies is part of our series on apartments in Tokyo.

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    Do they know English?

    Here're 5 English-friendly moving companies in Tokyo!

    Yamato Home Convenience

    Are you moving into an apartment in Tokyo by yourself? Consider Yamato Home Convenience. The Tokyo moving company offers single-person move services that will move all of your belongings to your new home!


    Pay-by-the-Box & let Yamato Home Convenience  put in all of the time & effort of moving your belongings on your behalf!


    Nippon Express

    Need to move your belongings out of Japan? Consider Nippon Express. The Tokyo moving company offers packing services & will provide materials to pack any belongings you'd like to pack personally, before moving your belongings across national borders! You'll get a cost estimate after filling out a survey about how the moving company can fulfill your needs.


    Sit back & let Nippon Express put in all of the time & effort on your behalf!

    Tokyo Truck Guy

    If you are looking to move from one location in Japan to Tokyo or from one Tokyo Ward to a new Tokyo Ward, then consider Tokyo Truck Guy! The Tokyo moving company provides packing, disposal, and moving services. All of the unwanted furniture in your home will be removed by the moving company for a reasonable price, too, as one of the services provided by the company.


    Let Tokyo Truck Guy go through all of the time & effort so you don't have to!

    Tokyo Helping Hands

    The top five priorities of Tokyo Helping Hands are:


    1.  Offer a reasonable price.
    2. Do the job quickly & flexibly.
    3. Be friendly & open-minded.
    4. Handle the job carefully.
    5. Act with honesty.


    Pleased with what you hear? Hire the moving company Tokyo Helping Hands and receive access to moving services on a 24 hour/7 day basis in addition to the other benefits offered by the moving company!


    Fukuoka Soko

    Moving to Tokyo from a foreign country? Consider Fukuoka Soko. The Tokyo moving company will clear your belongings through customs, unpack all of your it in your new Tokyo apartment, assemble all of your furniture & even dispose of the packing debris afterwards!


    Fukuoka Soko will make moving into your new home as simple as possible, starting with clearing all of your belongings through customs!

    Disclaimer: BFFTokyo has no experience hiring the moving companies listed in this article and so cannot claim responsibility for the quality of services rendered by the companies.


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    How much will this cost me?

    Here's how moving companies calculate your estimate.


    Company Estimate

    How much you'll pay one of the moving companies in Tokyo to package & transport your belongings is not a fixed price; the moving company you hire will calculate an estimate for your move based on a few different things. The size of your new apartment in Tokyo, for example, will affect the estimate the moving company gives you for the price.


    Even the time of year can raise or lower the estimate!

    Singles & Couples ($78-$210)

    If you are moving by yourself or as a couple, you may have mostly boxes for the Tokyo moving company to pack & transport to your new apartment and a minimal amount of furniture. You can expect to pay about $78 to $210 to hire a moving company in Tokyo to pack & transport your belongings. The cost estimate will be based on the size of your new home and may add the following surcharges at about:


    1. Late Night Charge ($15)


    2. Holiday Fee ($20)


    3. Busy Season Charge ($50 a Box)

    Families ($2,000-$3,000)

    If you are moving as a family, you may a lot of boxes for the Tokyo moving company to pack & transport to your new apartment and a sizable amount of furniture. You can expect to pay about $2,000 to $3,000 to hire a moving company in Tokyo to pack & transport your belongings. The cost estimate will be based on the size of your new home and may add the following surcharges at about:


    1. Late Night Charge ($15)


    2. Holiday Fee ($20)


    3. Busy Season Charge ($50 a Box)

    On a Low Budget?

    If you're on a low budget & apartment hunting in Tokyo, consider renting a room in a Tokyo sharehouse. Enjoy the amenities of an apartment while spending less on rent & make new friends! See our page on Sharehouse in Tokyo for more information.


    If you're on a low budget & apartment hunting in Tokyo, but value your privacy, then see our page on Cheap Apartments in Tokyo to learn about the cheaper apartments available in the Tokyo housing market!

    What are some helpful tips?

    Here's some moving pointers!

    Moving to Tokyo

    Collecting boxes, packing all of your belongings, transporting your belongings to a new location, and then unpacking all of your belongings again takes a lot of time & effort! That's especially true when you're moving to a foreign country.


    Here's a few tips to make the process easier, like what months are the most expensive or cheapest for hiring a Tokyo moving company.


    Steps to Prepare

    1. Determine the amount of boxes you'll need to provide the moving company or purchase from the moving company for your move. How many boxes do you need for packing all your belongings?

    2. The second step is to sort your belongings into what you're handling yourself & what requires special care from employees. What are you more comfortable moving yourself? What needs special care?

    3. The third step is to sort your belongings into how the items are going to be transported to Japan: cargo ship or airplane. What belongings do you want transported to Japan by airplane? Cargo ship?*

    4. The fourth step is to identify items in your belongings you'd like to be insured. What items would you be more comfortable moving if the potential loss of the items was covered by insurance?

    5. The fifth step is make a plan for which boxes are going where in your new Tokyo apartment; what boxes & items do you want moved to your new kitchen or to your new bedroom, for example?

    6. The sixth step is to look over the policies for the moving company you hired to package & transport your belongings to your new apartment. Are there policies you need to know beforehand?

    *There isn't much difference between transporting your belongings to Japan by airplane and transporting your belongings by cargo ship; by choosing airplane your items will arrive at your apartment sooner. Cargo ships, though, can transport automobiles & motorcycles.

    General Tips

    Cheapest Month: June

    1. June is the cheapest month to hire one of the moving companies in Tokyo; you won't have much competition because the peak moving months are already over and the rainy season has started.

     Costly Months: March & April

    2. March & April are the most expensive months; you'll be in competition with students starting school and workers starting a new contract with a company. The competition will hike up the price estimate.

    Negotiation is OK

    3. You CAN negotiate with moving companies in Tokyo over the estimate. One way to gain an edge is to tell the company you've been looking at other moving companies in Tokyo as a possibility.

    4. You can lower the cost estimate by providing boxes for the moving company to package your belongings instead of purchasing boxes from the company. Doing so will also help recycle & help nature!

    5. You can lower the cost estimate even further by not just providing your own boxes, but by packaging your belongings yourself. The moving company will be in charge of only transporting the packages.

    3. Moving companies in Tokyo will affix protective panels to the walls & corners of your new Tokyo apartment to prevent the move from damaging your apartment. You won't have to pay extra!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    & Answers

    Tipping is not a common practice in Japan. If you want to express appreciation to the employee(s) for helping you, a small bow & thank you would be acceptable.

    Dangerous materials such as petroleum & highly flammable gases will not be accepted; the company policy will list the full range of unacceptable items.

    Nippon Express offers services for transporting automobiles & motorcycles.

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