Guide to Real Estate Agencies in Tokyo

By Skye | July 27th, 2020

This article on real estate agencies is part of our series on apartments in Tokyo.

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    Tokyo Real Estate Agents

    3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent From a Tokyo Real Estate Agency

    1. Real estate agents, more often than not, will be required for any real estate transaction you may choose to conduct in Japan.

    2. Real estate agents all have access to Reins, a national database listing millions of apartments in the Tokyo housing market.

    3. Real estate agents will take care of any complicated procedures for renting a Tokyo apartment.

    Do they know English?

    Here're 5 English-friendly real estate agencies in Tokyo!

    Ken Corporation

    Are you looking for a higher end apartment in Tokyo? Consider Ken Corporation. The Tokyo real estate agency not only offers viewings for higher end properties in Tokyo, but has a map search system centered to the location of popular international schools!


    Hire an agent from Ken Corporation to find a quality apartment AND a quality international school for enrolling children!



    Looking for discount opportunities? Consider Housekey. The real estate agency offers a 50% discount for customers looking for a Tokyo apartment with a monthly rent above $2,000! You can also enjoy unlimited tours of apartments for three months after paying a search deposit, without any raise in price or additional cost for you to pay.


    Housekey, though, reserves the right to refuse more housing tours after 3 months.

    Nihon Agent

    Are you completely lost when navigating the Tokyo housing market? Consider Nihon Agent! The mission of the real estate agency is "Moving Your Heart" because the real estate agency's goal is to support you through the entire process of looking for your new home in Tokyo and signing the legal documents to become a tenant.


    Century 21 - Sky Realty

    The top priority of Century 21 - Sky Realty is to make you feel as comfortable as possible in Japan. Finding an apartment that accommodates all of your needs is important for meeting that priority, and so a contact form is provided on the website where you can fill out all of your requirements for an apartment in Tokyo & your budgetary limitations.


    Century 21 - Sky Realty will keep all personal info on the form confidential!


    Savills Japan

    Looking for an apartment in Tokyo? Consider Savills Japan. The Tokyo real estate agency will work understand your requirements, identify suitable apartments & negotiate with landlords to ensure the legal documents for renting the Tokyo apartment are as beneficial to you!


    Savills Japan will make finding an apartment in the Tokyo housing market as simple as possible, starting with tenant representation!

    Disclaimer: BFFTokyo has no experience hiring the real estate agencies listed in this article and so cannot claim responsibility for the quality of services rendered by the companies.


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    How much will this cost me?

    Here's how much hiring a Tokyo real estate agent costs.


    Hiring Fee ($0-$2,000)

    The maximum amount of money a Tokyo real estate agent can charge you by law is one month's rent + consumption tax, while the lowest fee you can expect for a real estate agent is nothing. Seriously. There are properties in Tokyo where the real estate agent listing the property actually waives the agency fee!

    If the real agent agent does charge one month's rent + consumption tax, the highest legal amount, then you can expect to pay about $2,000.

    You could also consider using moving companies in Tokyo after you are settled or decided where you wanna live.

    Cheap Apartments in Tokyo

    Looking for a moving company?

    Check out our article on 5-English friendly Tokyo moving companies!

    What are some helpful tips?

    Here's a few pointers!

    Hiring an Agent

    Finding apartments for rent in a city that can accommodate all of your needs is a process that takes a lot of time & effort and good results aren't guaranteed! That's especially true when you're apartment hunting in a foreign country.


    Here's a few tips on real estate agencies in Tokyo, like checking the legal documents for any mistakes in the documents.


    General Tips

    Check Legal Documents

    1. Whomever was responsible for writing the legal documents you'll sign for your new apartment in Tokyo may have made mistakes; check the documents for any possible errors before signing!

    Communicate Your Language Level

    2. Inform the real agent agency about your Japanese language skills. Your real agent will filter out potential properties by crossing out landlords who won't accept any language barrier.

    Don't Expect a Long Viewing List

    3. The real estate agency won't give you a list with landlords who are biased against foreigners living in Japan, so the list will be shorter than for a local who's also looking for a new apartment in Tokyo's wards.

    Notify Agent 2 Days Before Viewing

    4. Notify the real estate agency two days before the viewing date for the property in Tokyo; the agent needs two days to coordinate with the landlord and ensure the apartment is available for you to view.

    Call Number On Online Listing For Agent

    5. You can search for real estate yourself by looking through online listings, and if you call the number attached to an online listing, you'll be answered by the real estate agent handling the property.

    Agents Won't Push Expensive Options

    6. The real estate agency doesn't pay the agent by a percentage, but by a flat rate. The real estate agent won't benefit from any high move in fees for the apartment in Tokyo you're renting or purchasing.

    Agent Negotiate Lower Move-in Fees

    7. Real estate agents in Tokyo are more likely to negotiate the move-in fees to a lower rate for your benefit, which is one of the advantages of hiring a Tokyo real estate agent from a real estate agency.

    Don't View Apartments on Wednesday

    8. Don't plan on viewing apartments on a Wednesday, but on a different day of the week; the majority of real estate agencies in Tokyo are closed on Wednesdays and won't be able to assist you.

    Agents Handle Documents

    9. The real estate agency will walk you through the process of renting your apartment and handling the legal documents. That's one of the benefits of renting a home through a real estate agency.

    Communicate Your Requirements

    10. A English-friendly real estate agencies will be able to understand you, but make sure you clearly communicate your requirements & wants for your new apartment in Tokyo to your real estate agent.

    On a Low Budget?

    If you're on a low budget & apartment hunting in Tokyo, consider renting a room in a Tokyo sharehouse. Enjoy the amenities of an apartment while spending less on rent & make new friends! See our page on Sharehouse in Tokyo for more information.


    If you're on a low budget & apartment hunting in Tokyo, but value your privacy, then see our page on Cheap Apartments in Tokyo to learn about the cheaper apartments available in the Tokyo housing market!

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