Ultimate Guide to Visiting a Hair Salon in Tokyo

By An Bui | February 22, 2023 

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    Are you currently unsatisfied with your hairstyle and looking for some suitable hair salons in Tokyo? However, you might be concerned about the language barriers and the price of hair salons in Tokyo which is widely known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Don’t let these obstacles hinder you from getting a one-of-a-kind haircut since Tokyo is famous for being the capital of fashion in Asia. Here are some pro tips for you to visit some highly recommended hair salons in Tokyo without any significant concerns. 

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    Are Japanese Hair Stylists Good at Cutting Foreigner’s Hair?

    Most foreigner-friendly hair salons in Tokyo have stylists that were trained abroad or even international directors, so it is unnecessary for customers to be concerned about the skills or services of those salons. Many international people living in Tokyo have said that the experiences at Japanese hair salons are some of the best services in the world, specializing in both simple and fashionable hairstyles. Japanese are also famous for their unique techniques in styling, such as perming, dying, or special hair spa and treatment. 

    Nowadays, many hair salons in Tokyo are not only run by the Japanese themselves as more and more international hairstylists from America, Europe, and Africa are choosing Tokyo as a location to demonstrate their aspirations and propagate their home countries’ traditional hairstyles. If you prefer getting your hair cut by a local Japanese person it is also helpful to bring photos of the style you want to show to the stylist.

    Want to know more about Japanese fashion? Check out Japan Switch: 
    Ultimate Guide to Fashion in Japan

    Services that Hair Salons in Tokyo offer

    It is unsurprising that taking care of your hair in Tokyo may cost you significantly more when compared to other cities in Japan - since it is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. There is a wide range of prices among various hair salons depending on customers’ desired hairstyles, the reputation of the business, and also the location of those hair salons. The salons closer to big stations are often the more pricey ones. A basic haircut can cost anywhere between 6,500 to 15,000 yen and around 10,000 yen more if you want extras like dying, styling, or a head spa. 

    Some hair salons can be more expensive than average as they invite celebrities to promote their store. However, this could be the “it-factor” that guarantees the quality of the services of those salons. Getting a spectacular haircut that makes you look like you just strolled off the red carpet might not be cheap but may be worth it to some. It’s also worth noting that many hair salons have discount prices for certain customers like children, students, or senior citizens.

    Procedure name 

    Price range

    Cut only

    6,500 yen to 15,000 yen

    Color only

    7,000 yen to 30,000 yen (depending on colors, techniques, styles, etc.)

    Shampoo and blowing 

    4,000 yen to 5,500 yen 

    Styling (straightening, waving, braiding, etc.) 

    9,000 yen to 3,000 (depending on the style, and length of hair)

    Head spa

    3,000 yen to 15,000 yen 

    Special treatments

    3,000 yen to 20,000 yen (depending on treatments)


    3,000 yen to 10,000 yen


    10,000 yen to 25,000 yen 

    A Western hairstylist are styling for her customer in a hair salon in Tokyo.

    Top 3 Hair Salons with English Support in Tokyo

    1. Assort International Hair Salon: Experience the globally recognized hair salon chain with unique techniques in the heart of Japan

    Assort International Hair Salon is a hair salon in Tokyo that has an English-speaking staff international staff and Japanese stylists who studied abroad. They are conveniently located 4 minutes from Gaienmae Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) by foot. Stylists are skillful and know plenty of international techniques (unique cuts, dying, special treatment) and you can converse with them with ease due to their speaking fluent English.

    This hair salon is widely recognized by many of the international community in Tokyo for its thoughtful service, which includes guidance and advice for their customers step by step to have their desired hairstyles. Their Instagram and Tiktok pages can walk you through what they are doing and what they have already gained. While they are a little pricier, the results are definitely worth their prices. 

    Address: 2-10-28 Rihei Building B1F, Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061

    Nearest station: Tokyo Metro (Ginza Line) Gaienmae Station – 4 min. walk

    Telephone: +81-3-5772-6461

    Opening hours: 12:00 ~ 20:00 on Tuesday to Friday | 10:00 ~ 19:00 on Saturday, Sunday, and holiday

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/assort.hair/

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    2. One World hair salon: A hair salon with a cafe vibe in Tokyo

    Want to experience a hair salon with an out-of-the-ordinary vibe? Then this place is definitely worth checking out. The director of this salon decided to decorate it with a coffee shop motif so that their customers could maximize their sense of relaxation. Helping people let their hair down is what both cafes and hair salons are supposed to do. 

    The stylists are very experienced in serving international customers from 77 countries. Their head spa originated in tropical areas such as Indonesia and Bossa Nova. Customers are recommended to try it at least once in their lifetime and are even offered an introductory fee of around 3,000 yen to 4,000 yen. Since this is a cafe-vibe hair salon, naturally you also get to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while you are getting your haircut! One World is definitely a two-in-one experience, don’t pass this place up when you are in Tokyo! 

    Address: DKNS4F 2-8-3 Azabujuban Minato-ku Tokyo 〒106-0045

    Nearest stations: Tokyo Metro - Nanboku line exit 4 /Toei-Oedo line exit 7 Azabujuban Station 3 min. walk

    Telephone: 03-6459-4354

    Opening hours: 

    10:00 ~ 20:00 on Tuesday to Friday 

    9:00〜19:00 on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays

    [Closed] Every Monday & the 1st Tuesday & the 3rd Sunday 

    Website: www.one-world.info

    3. SIN DEN Hair Salon

    Boasting a creative director from South Africa, SIN DEN Hair Salon offers all the latest unique and trendy hairstyles. Their business philosophy is, customers, come to their salon not only to get a new, stylish haircut but also to find a new lifestyle. Having contributed to makeup and hairstyles backstage during New York Fashion Week, they deliver a high standard of professionalism and can fulfill the unique, and sometimes challenging demands of customers. Bringing those achievements from overseas, SIN DEN hair salon is committed to global quality and the Western lifestyle to the east. 

    Also - they don’t only offer hair-cutting services, but SIN DEN hair salon also sells related products both in-store and online. If you are a little lost about which products are best for your needs SIN DEN has you covered. You can receive helpful consulting from your stylist or more guidance from Ultimate Guide to Japanese Cosmetics to make sure you’re on track with the right sustainable treatment for your hair.  

    Address: 3-9-3 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

    Nearest station: Omotesando Station, exit A2, 7 min. walk 

    Telephone: +81(0)3 3405 4409

    Opening hours: 10 am ~ 8 pm on Wednesday to Sunday

    Website: https://sinden.com/

    A group of people with multiple nationalities are communicating in Japanese.

    Top 3 Hair Salons in Tokyo to Practice Your Japanese!

    If you are considering Tokyo as a long-term place to stay and you would like to practice your Japanese skills,  in that case, why wouldn't you consider native Japanese-speaking hair salons in Tokyo as a great opportunity to practice? The staff at most hair salons are often willing to talk about anything, not just your hair.

    If you want to have a conversation with native speakers without any embarrassment, check out:

    1. Hayato Tokyo Omotesando

    Hayato Tokyo Omotesando is the ideal place to improve your Japanese skills and get wonderful service. The Japanese staff here were trained in English-speaking cities such as New York and London, places also well known as the capitals of fashion. Hayato Tokyo’s claim to fame has to be that they are among a few hair salons in Tokyo with excellent dying and perm services. If you want to verify, why don’t you prove it yourself by visiting this one-of-a-kind hair salon?

    Hayato is also known for offering training courses to aspiring hair stylists at their academy. Have a passion for hair? Consider taking a course at their school!

    Address: 3-7-1 The Roppongi Tokyo Plaza 206, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032

    Telephone: 03-5574-8844

    Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 20:00 all days (closed on national holidays)

    Website: https://www.hayatosalons.com/

    2. Anpians Hair Salon

    Anpians Hair Salon provides a cozy and close atmosphere to prioritize communication between staff and customers of an array of nationalities. People can find many hair care products right at the entrance with thorough advice from the stylists. The director of the hair salon is proud of his New York dry-cut style that can only be at his salon in Tokyo. 

    Get a truly one-of-a-kind cut at Anpians!

    Address: TN Column 3F, 2-12-13 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-0004

    Nearest station: 3-minute walk from JR Chuo Main Line "Kichijoji Station" North Exit

    Telephone: 0422-23-2275

    Opening hours: 9:30 - 19:00 on Wednesday to Sunday (perm/color until 17:00/cut until 18:00), 

    [Closed]: Monday and Tuesday 

    Website: http://anpians.com/


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    3. COME HAIR Salon 

    COME HAIR salon while having a small space and feels a bit more private so that the customers can easily communicate with the staff without many distractions. They prioritize using natural and environment-friendly products (organic substances, biodegradable wigs, etc.). According to the director of the hair salon, using organic products is not only good for the environment but also for the customers’ health.

    COME HAIR is remarkably welcoming to its customers and makes them feel like they are welcome and at home. 

    Address: 150-0034 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Daikanyamacho 3-8 EOS Daikanyama 2F

    Nearest station: 7 minutes on foot from Tokyu Toyoko Line "Daikanyama Station" | Main Exit 11 minutes on foot from JR and others "Shibuya Station" South Exit

    Telephone: 03-3477-5567

    Opening hours:

    11:00 ~ 20:00 on weekdays 

    10:00 ~ 19:00 on Saturday

    10:00 ~ 18:00 Sundays and holidays

    Website: https://www.comeandpeace.com/shop

    Three Budget-friendly Hair Salons in Tokyo

    If those hair salons above are a bit too pricey for you, take a quick look at these suggestions below. They are more reasonably priced while still offering good service. For more information about living affordably in Tokyo, check out our Ultimate Guide to Living in Tokyo on a Budget!

    Visit: Ultimate Guide to Living in Tokyo on a Budget.

    1. Baroque Tokyo 

    Baroque Tokyo is a newer hair salon in Tokyo established in 2019, but their flagship store in London provides outstanding service. Located in Jingumae, Shibuya which is the district known for its youth in Tokyo, near Harajuku, Baroque Tokyo shows the world that they are trendy and up-to-date. It’s also astonishing that with the incredible location, Baroque Tokyo has more affordable prices among hair salons surrounding them and around Tokyo. You are free to choose among three stylists at the salon with different prices, the services cost around 6,600 yen to 15,000 yen. 

    The technique that Baroque is proud of the most is the digital perm. They use heat treatment combined with chemical substances without damaging your hair. This technique is good for those who desire to have strong wavy hair for the long term. After using this special service, customers are also guided on how to take care of their hair at home. 

    Address: 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 3 Chome 5-10 2F

    Telephone: +81(0)3 5411 3011                                                         

    Opening hours: check out their website                                               

    Website: https://www.baroque-hn.com/

    2. FaSS

    If you desire a basic and casual hairstyle in a budget-friendly hair salon, you would love FaSS Salon. FaSS stands for “Fast Salon for Slow Life”. Staying true to their name, the business motto is for those customers who are following a simple and minimalist lifestyle. Haircuts at FaSS cost only around 2,000 yen and even offer discounts for students and kids, you can get a neat and stylish hairstyle in under 30 minutes, which includes cutting and treatment. 

    Since this is a popular hair salon chain in Tokyo, there are many stores around Tokyo, so there is no need for you to schedule in advance. All you need to do is to come to the store nearest your place, pick a ticket in the vending machine, and wait until your turn. This salon is a great choice for busy people. 

    Website: https://www.fasssalon.com/

    3. Bondz Salon

    Bondz Salon is a hair salon that offers luxurious quality at an affordable price. The salon is run in a special location, surrounded by many embassies, the director has been dedicated to serving his target customers which are international dwellers. Although the salon is in an international neighborhood, the price range is still reasonable, around 7,000 yen to 20,000 yen. 

    The owner at Bondz Salon recommends his special hair treatment which uses Bamboo Charcoal and Science Aquat Treatment. These services have proven to be quite popular with patrons who visit him because of how safe and effective the outcome is.

    Address: Tokyo, Minato City, Higashiazabu, 2 Chome−33−4 AZABU10 2F

    Nearest station: 3 min. walk from Azabu Juban station exit 6 

    Telephone: 03-6426-5562

    Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00 all week

    Website: https://bondzsalon.jp/en/

    Useful Japanese Phrases for Visiting a Hair Salon in Tokyo

    If you would like to try improving your Japanese speaking ability while simultaneously getting your hair cut here are a few helpful phrases for you to use.

    1. Phrases for Scheduling an Appointment

    1.1. Phrases you can use (questions you’ll ask - how long, how much, when can I, can I book for a date, etc.)

        • Vocabulary for day and time 
        • I’d like to make a reservation for (type of service) at (time) on (date).

    ... に ... に ... を予約したいのですが。 

    (... ni... ni... o yoyaku shitai nodesuga.)


    I would like to make a reservation for shampoo and a haircut at 2 pm on Saturday.


    (Doyōbi no gogo 2-ji ni shanpū to katto no yoyaku o shitai nodesuga.)

    1.2. Phrases they will use (questions they will ask, etc.)

        • What time would you like it to be?


    (Nanji ga yoroshii desho̅ ka?)

        • What will we be doing?


    (Dou saremasu ka?)

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    2. Deciding on the type of service in the salon and describing what you want

    2.1. Types of service


    カット (katto)


    トリミング (torimingu)


    レイヤー (reiya̅)


    シャンプー (shanpu̅)


    ヘアカラー (heakara̅)


    ハイライト (hairaito)


    パーマ (pa̅ma)

    straightening treatment

    ストレイトパーマ (sutoreito pa̅ma)

    conditioning treatment

    トリートメント (tori̅tomento)

    blow out

    ブロー (buro̅)

    blow dry

    ドライ (dorai)

    style setting

    セット (setto)


    カール (ka̅ru)


    メイク (meiku)


    前髪 (まえがみ, maegami)

    blond hair

    金髪 (きんぱつ, kinpatsu)

    red hair

    赤毛 (あかげ, akage)

    brown hair

    茶髪 (ちゃぱつ, chapatsu)

    black hair

    黒髪 (くろかみ, kuropatsu)

    2.2. Adjectives  


    多い(おおい, ooi)


    少ない(すくない, sukunai)


    長い (ながい, nagai)


    短い (みじかい, migikai)


    明るい (あかるい, akarui)


    暗い (くらい, kurai)



    Find more useful adjectives in Guide to Japanese Adjectives

      • How much would it cost to (type of service) my hair?


    (Watashi no kami ni kakaru hiyō wa ikuradesu ka?)

    E.g:  How much would it cost to color my hair?


    (Hea kara̅ wa ikura desu ka?)

      • How long will it take?


    (Dono gurai jikan ga kakarimasu ka?)

    3. Making requests (showing a reference picture) 

    3.1. Asking about hair care products / asking to buy/asking for recommendations for supermarket products 

      • Can you recommend me some products to make my hair (adjectives)? 

    髪を … にするおすすめの商品を教えてください。

    (Kami o … ni suru osusume no shōhin o oshiete kudasai?)

      • Do you sell this product in-store? 


    (Kono shōhin wa tentō de hanbai shite imasu ka?)

    3.2. Payment 

      • Do you accept credit cards?


    (Kurejitto ka̅do wa tsukaemasu ka?)

    Check out Debit and Credit Cards in Japan if you have not had one!

    4. Cancel a reservation: Sometimes, something can unexpectedly happen. Therefore, it is not a big problem when you cancel your reservation. 

      • Customer: Can I cancel my reservation on (date)? I’m busy on that day. 

    … の予約をキャンセルできますか? その日は忙しい。

    (… no yoyaku o kyanseru dekimasu ka? Sonohi wa isogashī.)

      • Staff: May I have your name and your phone number, please? 


    Onamae to tenwabangō o oshiete itadakemasu ka?

    We confirm that we have canceled your booking. See you next time!


    Go yoyaku no kyanseru o kakunin itashimashita. Mata ne!

    Different Japanese words written in flashcards

    Japanese Words for Hairstyles

    1. Popular but unique Japanese hairstyles 




    ウェーブミルクティー ベージュロブ U-ēbumirukutī bējurobu

    Wavy milk tea beige lob

    ソフトグレージュのローポニーテール Sofutogurēju no rōponītēru

    Soft greige low ponytail

    風通しの良い鈍い前髪のある暗い中間の長さの髪 Kazetōshi no yoi nibui maegami no aru kurai chūkan no naga-sa no kami Dark mid-length hair with airy blunt bangs
    ロングレイヤーのシックなピクシーカット Rongureiyā no shikkuna pikushīkatto

    Chic pixie cut with long layers

    2. A table of the style’s name in Japanese and English is 




    ボッブ bobbu Bob cut
    ロングボブ rongubobu Long bob 
    レイヤー  reiya̅ Layer
    ピクシー pikushī Pixie 
    剃った髪 sutta kami Shaved hair 

    Tips for Quick Finding Hair Salon in Tokyo

    • Use the Japanese + ヘアサロン + your requirements in your Google search to find stylists who specialize in that particular cut. 
    • Looking for several popular websites for reviewing hair salons in Tokyo to have more effective feedback.

    Final Thoughts

    Finding a suitable hair salon in Tokyo might challenging initially when you do it for the first time, however after a bit of practice and assistance front his guide you will be able to do so with ease. One of Tokyo’s claims to fame is being one of the most livable cities and great haircuts are no exception. Check The Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night to clarify it!

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