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Route from Narita Airport to Tokyo Japan

By Natasha | August 26th, 2019

Looking for the cheapest route from Narita to Tokyo or do you want the quickest way into Tokyo?

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The number of route possibilities are enough to make your head spin. Did you know that one of the most simple routes is actually one of the cheapest? Something to remember about Narita is that is actually isn’t located in Tokyo. It’s situated in the Chiba prefecture, just beside Tokyo. In this article we will focus on transportation from Narita to Japan. Taking public transport will be much more accessible and more cost-effective than taking a taxi or renting a car. 

So let me break down the typical choices you have when you arrive at Narita Airport:

JR Narita Express (NEX)

This one hour journey will cost you roughly 3000 Yen. This is the most expensive, but also the quickest route. This route is also covered by the Japan Rail Pass, JR Tokyo WIde Area Pass, and other JR Passes. For 1000 YEN more, you can get the NEX Tokyo Round Trip Ticket, which gives you a roundtrip ticket into Tokyo and back to Narita within in a 2 week period.

You can buy NEX tickets at a counter at Narita Airport. It is pretty simple to spot, you'll see it as you exit the international terminal and head towards the trains. 

A one hour journey

Cost one way: 3000 yen

Roundtrip ticket; 4000 yen

JR Sobu Line

The JR Sobu Line is regarded as the cheaper alternative to the JR Narita Express. If you want to go to the Tokyo Station it is about a 90 minute trip with costs only about 1,320 yen. 

90 minute trip with a cost of about 1,320 yen


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From Narita to Tokyo Japan with Keisei Skyliner/Keisei Limited Express

The Keisei Skyliner offers the quickest travel time to Tokyo. The line operates between Tokyo and Ueno. You can you reserve your seats on the Skyliner, and there is also dedicated luggage space. On the other hand, the Keisei Limited Express runs on the same line. It is slower but more cost-effective. A trip from Nippori station to Narita will cost you around 1,030 Yen, while the Skyliner costs around 2,470 Yen. With the Skyliner, you’ll get from Narita within 45 minutes, and with the Limited Express it will take you about 75 minutes.

Here’s an example trip from Narita to Shinjuku station using the Keisei Limited Express.

From Shinjuku take the Yamanote Line to Nippori Station

200 Yen

From Nippori Station catch the Keisei Limited Express to Narita Airport.

1,030 Yen

Keisei Skyliner 

  • 2,470 Yen
  • Reserved seats
  • 45 minute trip

Keisei Limited Express

  • 1,030 Yen
  • Commuter train (no reserved seating)
  • 75 minute trip

From Narita to Tokyo Japan with Buses/Shuttles

Besides using the train, you always have the option to catch a bus or shuttle from Narita Airport.

Here is a link to the Airport Limousine Bus

Information about the public buses from Narita

Information about the Keisei Bus line

Payment Options

Obviously, you need a way to pay for any route you take. For most people, a big challenge when coming to Tokyo is having a usable credit or debit card. BFF Tokyo has already published a complete guide to help people learn about how to set up a form of payment in Japan:  Making a Credit and Debit Card in Japan


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