Born and Raised in Hawaii. Became a Grown Up in Japan. He has been living in Japan for the last 15 years and in addition to achieving N1 Japanese status in 3.5 years. He also co-created the fast growing One Coin English school chain with 8 schools in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Japan Switch, which has 2 locations and over 150 foreign students learning Japanese, and now his dream project, BFF Tokyo to help foreigners in Tokyo.

Gregory Thomas Ng

Gregory Thomas Ng New Zealand Reason for Coming to Japan My name is Gregory Thomas Ng from Upper Hutt, New Zealand and I have been in Japan for over 8 years.  I came here as my high school dream was to eventually work one day …

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Tyson Batino

Tyson Batino-Writer at BFF Tokyo

Tyson Batino USA Reason for Coming to Japan My name is Tyson Batino and my initial plan was to come to Japan for 2 years to save some money and then go to graduate school to become a licensed therapist. That totally did not end …

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