Japan Public Holidays 2019

By  Kiru  Sep 25, 2019

This article is part of our series on Life in Tokyo. This is the Japan Public Holidays 2019, you can find out the dates about the public bank holidays in 2020 by visiting Japan Public Holidays 2020.

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Japan Public Holidays 2019 - Children Day balloons

Japan Public Holidays 2019

Japan Public Holidays 2019 list is here to make your life much easier. This post will save you from forgetting important bank holidays and help you make plans to enjoy the many 3 day weekends in Japan. Most of the bank holidays are on Monday (10 days), Tuesday (2 days), Wednesday (1 day) Thursday (1 day) and Friday (1 day) and Saturday (2 days). Let's have a look at the public holidays and what each holiday is about.

Day                   Date     Japanese National Holidays

Tuesday             01/01/2019        Japanese New Year

Monday              01/14/2019       Coming of Age day

Monday              02/11/2019        National Foundation Year

Thursday            03/21/2019       Vernal Equinox Day

Monday              04/29/2019       Showa Day

Wednesday       05/01/2019        Ascension of the New Emperor, Coronation Day

Friday                 05/03/2019        Constitution Day in Japan

Saturday            05/04/2019       Greenery Day

Monday              05/05/2019       Children's Day

Monday              07/05/2019        Marine Day

Monday               08/12/2019       Mountain Day

Monday               09/16/2019       Respect for the Aged Day

Monday               09/23/2019       Autumn Equinox Day

Monday               10/14/2019        Health and Sports Day

Tuesday              10/22/2019        Enthronement Ceremony

Monday               11/04/2019        Culture Day

Saturday              11/23/2019        Labor Thanksgiving Day

Find out more information about the different types of public holidays at

Japan Public Holidays and Japanese National Holidays

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